Turkey Day Tournament Day 2: Swamp Diamonds vs. Devil Fish


Welcome back, intrepid friends. Well! That was quite the kickoff yesterday. Voting in our first Turkey Day SquareOff — Eegah versus Boggy Creek — continues with fervor. Did I mention that this is a full-on tournament bracket and voting will continue for the next few weeks? Voting will stay open until the round is complete, so if you miss a day or two, you can probably still catch up.

Once the initial round of voting is complete, I’ll reveal the first round bracket and results here on MST3K.org. Until then, you get to be surprised!

Today’s battle is between two watery episodes with big dull-witted oafish men in the lead film roles: it’s Swamp Diamonds versus Devil Fish.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Turkey Day Returns for 2020, and This Year YOU Pick the Episodes!


Hello friends! Today we have an announcement that we think you’ll find very exciting: Turkey Day will be returning on Thanksgiving 2020, and for this year’s marathon, we are letting YOU vote on the episodes we include. 


We’ve narrowed down our available streaming episodes to 24 possibilities with both Mike and Joel across the original series’ run. We’ll be using a tool called SquareOffs to match up two episodes for riffing combat every day — the first pair is below — and the whole thing will be operating on a single-elimination bracket system, with the six most popular episodes making the final Turkey Day cut. 

For Round 1, we are pairing off a series of Joel vs Mike episodes, so y’all can battle for your faves to your heart’s content. After that, though, your winners will decide the next round, and so on. Will we get an even number of Joel episodes and Mike episodes, as we have traditionally done in Turkey Days past? Who can say. We’re throwing that responsibility on YOUR shoulders this year! 

Voting starts today, so be sure to hit up mst3k.org regularly for the next few weeks to pick your favorite episode each day (don’t worry, we’ll be reminding you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too). The first SquareOff is below, and definitely feel free to use the comments to fight (lovingly, kindly, in the fashion of our people) for your champion. 

And now, presenting the first Turkey Day showdown! Thanks for pitching in, MSTies! We look forward to showcasing your winners on Turkey Day.