Turkey Day Tournament Day 12: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Quest of the Delta Knights


Howdy, Turkey Day voters, and welcome to day 12 of our tournament! Yesterday saw round 1 winner The Touch of Satan go up against Hobgoblins and some of you were not happy about having to make that choice. Hobgoblins has the lead right now, but voting will be open for a couple more days! And as always, Polls Central stands ready to get you caught up on voting, if you’ve fallen behind.

Today’s match-up features two episodes starring somewhat hapless heroes on legendary journeys. I’m going to tell y’all something that will probably make you lose all respect for me, but: I unabashedly love Quest of the Delta Knights. I would probably happily watch it even unriffed. It’s just so perfectly terrible and great! And it wasn’t available to stream for a long time.

That said, The Day the Earth Froze is a tough competitor, so I am prepared for this to be a total rout. If it inspires even one of you to go watch Quest of the Delta Knights who hasn’t seen it before, I will consider this battle a success.

On to today’s vote! Make it count!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 11: The Touch of Satan vs. Hobgoblins


Welcome back to the continuing saga of the Turkey Day Tournament! Yesterday we saw round 1 winner Devil Fish face off against a very difficult competitor in fan favorite I Accuse My Parents, and young Jimmy Wilson has opened a commanding lead against electricians everywhere.

Voting closes in two days, so pop on over to yesterday’s post and make your opinion known if you haven’t already done so! (You can also catch up on all our Turkey Day battles thus far at Polls Central.)

On to today’s battle! The Touch of Satan may have easily overcome its round 1 challenger, but today’s fighter could prove a more difficult opponent. Satan faces off against Hobgoblins, and while we like to use fun conflict-laden gameday language around here, the truth is these two movies would almost certainly be bros, enjoying each other’s company for an evening’s entertainment at Club Scum.

Nevertheless, you have to choose! Cast your vote below.


Turkey Day Tournament Day 10: Devil Fish vs. I Accuse My Parents


Greetings, Turkey Day electorate! Welcome back to round 2 of our tournament. It’ll be interesting to see what direction these match-ups take as we get deeper into the bracket. Three Joel episodes made it through round 1, compared to five for Mike, and though there are a few more yet-to-be-revealed contenders, who knows what the end result will be? This could be the first Turkey Day with non-equal Joel and Mike episodes in a long time.

If you’d like to take a look at the end results for any of the battles so far, or catch up on votes you may have missed, you can see all the polls we’ve done here on Polls Central!

On to today’s match-up: I am really at a loss for how to connect these two movies. Maybe it can’t be done. One features a bunch of Europeans pretending to be Americans, and one follows the sad story of a lonely young man’s compulsive lying. Oh wait, both movies feature characters whose primary distinguishing feature is their capacity for drunkenness! I knew I’d find a connection somewhere. I present your latest Turkey Day fight: Devil Fish vs I Accuse My Parents (with short The Truck Farmer).




Helloooooo magnificent tournamenteers, I hope you all had wonderful weekends! After a short break for the last couple days to allow round 1 voting to wrap up, we’re back with the winners. Each of these highest-voted episodes will go on to round 2 this week.

Day 1: Eegah! vs. Boggy Creek IIEEGAH WINS!

Day 2: Swamp Diamonds vs. Devil FishDEVIL FISH WINS!

Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of SatanTHE TOUCH OF SATAN WINS!

Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. LaserblastTHE DAY THE EARTH FROZE WINS!

Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus HorrorPOD PEOPLE WINS!

Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister UrgeTHE SINISTER URGE WINS!

Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider IslandHORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND WINS!

Day 8: Secret Agent Super Dragon vs. Night of the Blood BeastNIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST WINS!

How did you do? Round 2 begins today, and voting on each match-up will be open for three days, so get your opinions known while you can!

In today’s battle, round 1 winner Eegah faces off against another grunting, sweaty hero of dubious intelligence, the legendary fifth season effort Hercules. Have at it, MSTies!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 8: Secret Agent Super Dragon vs. Night of the Blood Beast


Hello, devoted tournament voters, and welcome back to your Turkey Day 2020 Tournament. Today’s match-up is the last of round 1 — it happened so fast! Voting will close out for all of the round 1 competitors on Sunday morning, so it’s not too late to catch up. Here’s a handy list of the battles so far.

Day 1: Eegah! vs. Boggy Creek II

Day 2: Swamp Diamonds vs. Devil Fish

Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of Satan

Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Laserblast

Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus Horror

Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister Urge

Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider Island

On Monday, I’ll announce the first round winners and pair them against round 2’s remaining new contenders. After that it’s on to the quarterfinals! Are you excited? I’m excited.

Many of you, on social media and in comments right here on MST3K.org, have opined that you’ve yet to vote for a winner, and with one or two possible exceptions (optimism!) I’m right there with you. It’s been interesting to see how some of y’all can’t fathom Turkey Day without certain favorite episodes on the docket every year, while others would love to see the lesser-known experiments get their due. This year it all comes down to your votes, however, so the result is in your collective hands.

Anyway! Today’s contenders feature leading men who aren’t what they seem. We’ve put the season five spy “thriller” (it’s not that thrilling, but it IS very funny) Secret Agent Super Dragon against season seven’s festival of Steves Night of the Blood Beast (with AMAZING short, Once Upon a Honeymoon). Have at it, MSTies, and I’ll see you on Monday with the round 1 results!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider Island


We are a week into our 2020 Turkey Day Tournament and the fur is really flying! Yesterday we saw The Rebel Set go up against The Sinister Urge, and while voting is open for a couple of days yet, it’s hard to beat Ed Wood, and The Sinister Urge holds the lead. Voting on all of the first-round contenders will close this weekend, so if you’re not caught up, now’s the time!

Today’s battle features two movies in which location is a character all on its own. Horrors of Spider Island is a much beloved adventure into a tropical utopia with a minor infestation problem, but I also have a soft spot for The Painted Hills, MST3K’s only Lassie film, and which includes the short Body Care and Grooming. I never said these choices would be easy!

Tomorrow I will reveal the final pair-up of round 1. Round 2 will match the round 1 winners against the eight yet-to-be-revealed possible contenders, so the field is still wide open! See you then.


Turkey Day Tournament Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister Urge


Hello again, Turkey Day superfans, and welcome to day six of the Turkey Day Tournament! We are only a couple days out from the end of round 1, at which point I’ll be announcing the winners and pairing them up for the next series of battles.

Yesterday we pitted Pod People up against Parts: The Clonus Horror, and a lot of you opined on the difficulty of this choice — I’m right there with you, as it was a difficult one for me as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, longtime fan favorite Pod People maintains the lead at this time.

Today’s competition is a pairing of two experiments that get a little less attention than some: the fourth-season bank heist tale The Rebel Set (with short Johnny at the Fair), against the sixth-season Ed Wood-helmed celebration of criminal deviants, The Sinister Urge (with short Keeping Clean and Neat). The shorts alone on these two options are *chef’s kiss*, but only one experiment can advance. Your votes decide!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus Horror


Saluations and welcome to day five of the Turkey Day 2020 Tournament! Yesterday we paired off the iconic Joel episode The Day the Earth Froze with the Comedy-Central-era-closer Laserblast. The Day the Earth Froze has a narrow lead as of this writing, but this could easily change in the final days of voting.

Today’s battle is between the beloved season three experiment Pod People and the lesser known but brilliantly funny season eight offering Parts: The Clonus Horror, which is notable in part for its makers having reached a settlement for copyright infringement with DreamWorks when the latter borrowed its plot for the 2005 dud The Island. (If it’s good enough for DreamWorks to — allegedly — steal from, it’s good enough for the folks on the SOL!)

Regardless, both experiments feature unsympathetic characters facing otherworldly horrors while making it difficult to root for any of them to survive. One has Peter Graves, the other has Trumpy. Both feature a lot of commentary about noses. The choice is yours.

Chief? McCloud!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Laserblast


Hey pals, it’s a new week, and thus we face a bunch more Turkey Day match-ups whose fate rests in YOUR HANDS. Look at your hands! Feel the weight of this responsibility!

Over the weekend, Tormented went up against The Touch of Satan, and at this time Satan maintains a comfortable lead — but since voting stays open until Friday night, there’s still time for that to change!

In today’s battle, the planet Earth placidly suffers the quibbling petty concerns of humans in over their heads. One has a sampo, the other has an arm-mounted laser, but both are equally terrible movies. It’s The Day the Earth Froze versus Laserblast!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of Satan


Welcome to day three of the Turkey Day Tournament, where YOU get to choose your Turkey Day episodes — with help (or hindrance) from a few thousand other MSTies. So far we’ve done Eegah versus Boggy Creek, and Swamp Diamonds versus Devil Fish. If you need to catch up, worry not, voting will remain open until the first round of the tournament is finished.

Today’s pairing is, on its surface, a battle of really cool fonts, and also an alliterative nightmare (see headline above). But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that both of these films feature doomed love affairs. Never let anyone in! They will only show you where the fish lives or throw you off a lighthouse.

Presenting today’s episode battle: Tormented versus The Touch of Satan.