THE SEMIFINALS BEGIN! Turkey Day Tournament Day 21: I Accuse My Parents vs. Hobgoblins


Hail and well met, Turkey Day Tournamenteers! I hope you all had magnificent weekends. Today we are kicking off the Turkey Day semifinals, which means we are rapidly approaching the close of our tournament. I want to thank each of you for your enthusiastic participation so far — you’ve made this competition so much fun!

Our quarterfinal finished up over the weekend, and the winners are:

  • I Accuse My Parents
  • Hobgoblins
  • Pod People
  • Final Justice

These four contenders move on to the semifinal matches starting today. Got any favorites for the #1 slot yet? The first match-up is the seemingly unstoppable I Accuse My Parents versus the scrappy Hobgoblins, both of which focus on the trouble unsupervised teenagers can get up to, both of which are hilarious episodes, but only one of which can go to the final. Voting is open until 10pm ET tomorrow (Tuesday)!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 20: Horrors of Spider Island vs. Final Justice


Saturday greetings, Tournamenteers! I’ve got the final quarterfinal match for you today (and remember, if you missed a day you can always catch up at Polls Central).

On to the last pair-up of round 3: it’s the battle of the beefy lunkheads as Horrors of Spider Island takes on Final Justice. Think you can make a decision? Go ahead on. We’ll be back on Monday with the results!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 19: Pod People vs. The Sinister Urge


Helloooooooo devoted Turkey Day companions! Yesterday we saw Hobgoblins tackle The Day the Earth Froze, and Hobgoblins has scrappily taken a narrow lead. Voting is open until 11am tomorrow though, so it’s still anyone’s game.

Click me and I will get bigger and more legible!

Today, as promised, I’m sharing the entire bracket as it currently stands. I encourage you to click on it to make it easier to read. Voting on the last two matches of round 2 have ended with Final Justice winning over Night of the Blood Beast, and Horrors of Spider Island barely squeaking out a win over Future War (the final tally was 765 to 759! Talk about a nailbiter).

Also, the voting for the first quarterfinal match has concluded, and I Accuse My Parents beat out Eegah to advance to the semifinal!

Together we are inching ever closer to your top ranked experiment, and I have my suspicions about what it will be (do you?). Today’s battle unfolds between Pod People and The Sinister Urge; will Officer Kline stand up against Trumpy’s extremely dull magical powers? You decide!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 18: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Hobgoblins


Hello and welcome to day 18 of your Turkey Day Tournament! Yesterday kicked off the quarterfinals with Eegah versus I Accuse My Parents, and tragic Jimmy Wilson has the edge over creepy Arch Hall, Sr. as of now.

Before we leap into today’s pair-up, I have a couple of quick housekeeping notes: first, because we are actually looking for six episodes to run on Turkey Day, we will be pulling two episodes from the quarterfinals (that’s the round we’re in now!) to include in the marathon. These two episodes will be decided based on number of votes and comments, so even if your favorite episodes don’t advance in this round, if they’re popular enough, they may still squeak through.

Secondly, the final votes for round 2 will be closing out tonight, so tomorrow I’ll share the actual bracket as it currently stands for all the visualization nerds to enjoy!

Which brings us to our latest and most perplexing battle yet. Today’s match-up pits the Russo-Finnish epic The Day the Earth Froze against the Southern California epic Hobgoblins. Votes away!


CALL TO ACTION: We Want Your Turkey Day Marathon Memories!


Greetings, Turkey Day denizens! Today we have a question for you, and we’re hoping you’ll be down to collaborate with us as we plan your favorite MST3K-themed holiday. We’d like you to cast your memories back, way back: Do you remember the awkwardness of your very first Turkey Day marathon? 

To be clear, this is not a rhetorical question! We really want to hear what your first MSTified Turkey Day experience was like. Did any particular episode stand out? Better yet, did you have a favorite riff? Best of all, do you have a holiday photo from that era (or are you willing to stage a historical reenactment of your first Turkey Day marathon today, because we’ll accept a photo of that too)? 

Share your memories in comments below — or via email to if you’ve got a picture to share — and we may refer to your submissions during this year’s Turkey Day marathon! Yes, Turkey Day stardom may be yours! And thanks again for all your support and enthusiasm for this year’s Turkey Day.


THE QUARTERFINALS BEGIN! Turkey Day Tournament Day 17: Eegah vs. I Accuse My Parents


Welcome back, Turkey Day Tournamenteers, as we launch enthusiastically into the quarterfinals! While voting remains open on the last two match-ups of round 2, these are the victors so far:

Eegah vs. HerculesEegah wins!

Devil Fish vs. I Accuse My ParentsI Accuse My Parents wins!

The Touch of Satan vs. HobgoblinsHobgoblins wins!

The Day the Earth Froze vs. Quest of the Delta KnightsThe Day the Earth Froze wins!

Pod People vs. The Girl in Lovers LanePod People wins!

The Sinister Urge vs. GunslingerThe Sinister Urge wins!

Horrors of Spider Island vs. Future War — Voting still open!

Night of the Blood Beast vs. Final Justice — Voting still open!

As we enter the quarterfinals, the voting period will be squishing down to a brief two days per match-up, so now is the time to pay attention! Round 3 is also making for some curious pairings, as today’s between Eegah and I Accuse My Parents. Both of these are huge favorites, and interestingly, they are consecutive episodes — Eegah was the sixth episode of season five, and I Accuse My Parents was the seventh episode — which really highlights how darn GOOD season five was.


Turkey Day Tournament Day 16: Night of the Blood Beast vs. Final Justice


Greetings, Turkey Day devotees! I hope you all had lovely weekends. Did you get to watch the Puppet Camp livestream on Friday, featuring the two new shorts? That was a wild time. Don’t fret if you missed it, you can watch the whole show right here on until Saturday at midnight ET.

Let’s do a little catch-up here just in case you missed the Saturday and Sunday matches. On Saturday, we saw The Sinister Urge face off against Gunslinger. The Sinister Urge holds the lead as of today, and voting closes tomorrow. On Sunday, Horrors of Spider Island took on Future War, and the race is extremely close at this point, but you’ve got until Wednesday to make your choice known. (All polls, both open and closed, can be seen on our Polls Central page, if you’ve lost track of where things stand.)

On to today’s battle! You didn’t for a moment believe we’d spare you Joe Don Baker’s surly face during this experience, did you? We’ve saved the meatiest for the last competition of round 2: it’s Night of the Blood Beast vs Final Justice. Get on your dancing bikini and weigh in below.


Turkey Day Tournament Day 15: Horrors of Spider Island vs. Future War


Hello again, dedicated tournamenteers! It’s day 15 of our Turkey Day voting extravaganza. I hope your weekends have gone splendidly.

Today’s match-up pits round 1 winner Horrors of Spider Island against new challenger (and battle of the guys who peaked in high school) Future War.

We’re approaching the end of round 2, so be sure to catch up on voting if you’ve missed a day or two! I’ll be back on Monday with a round-up of this weekend’s votes and a look ahead at round 3.


Turkey Day Tournament Day 14: The Sinister Urge vs. Gunslinger


Hello tenacious MSTies! It’s day 14 of our Turkey Day Tournament and I’ve got your competitors for today (and as always, if you’ve fallen behind, do check out Polls Central to catch up on battles you may have missed!).

Today’s match up features round 1 winner (and Ed Wood masterpiece) The Sinister Urge against the second Beverly Garland effort of this tournament, Gunslinger. Let’s drink a laaaaaaht and get on with the voting!


Turkey Day Tournament Day 13: Pod People vs The Girl in Lovers Lane


Happy Friday, Turkey Day electorate! I must say, yesterday’s vote was a bit of a surprise for me. Classic favorite The Day the Earth Froze faced off against Quest of the Delta Knights and I genuinely expected the latter to be crushed by the power of SAMPO. However, these two valiant competitors held to a 50/50 split for a good part of the day! The Day the Earth Froze has since pulled into the lead, but voting remains open for a couple days yet, so we will see if the race remains close.

Before I get to today’s vote, I want to remind you all that the closing event to our MIGIZI fundraiser is TONIGHT, and it’s totally free, so do show up for it as it’s going to be great. Check out that poster! (You can click on it to make it bigger!)

All right, on to the battle for today. Round 1 winner and super-popular Pod People confronts the wildly underrated The Girl in Lovers Lane. Cast your vote below, and we hope to see you tonight! Wear your yellow dress, you know, the one with the ruffles on it.