THE TIME HAS COME to #MakeMoreMST3K! Check Out Our New Kickstarter Campaign For the Next Chapter of MST3K


Finally, some good news! If you’ve wondered why things seemed a little slow around here, it’s because we’ve all been laser focused on launching the new Kickstarter campaign — live today, right now! We have a bold new direction for the next evolution of everyone’s favorite show about a guy trapped in space, and we want YOU to help decide the future of MST3K.

It all starts with The Gizmoplex, but you don’t want to hear me explain it here — watch the video above to get the scoop from Jonah, Joel, and the bots, and then head over to our Kickstarter page to check out the swell new rewards we’re making AND get all the details on our ambitious plans to #MakeMoreMST3K! More info will be shared all month long, so we hope you’ll stick around to follow things as they proceed.

Thanks again, friends! So excited to hear what you think.

12 thoughts on “THE TIME HAS COME to #MakeMoreMST3K! Check Out Our New Kickstarter Campaign For the Next Chapter of MST3K”

  1. Wooo! Best news of 2021 (so far). I backed the new Kickstarter just like I did the first one! Can’t WAIT for this to take off!! It’s gonna be fantastic. Hi-KEEBA!!

  2. And it’s off to the races! C’mon Team MST, let’s show the world what a fan base can achieve in just 24 hours!

    I think we can get one million, or damn close!

  3. We crushed it!!! We’re already halfway to smallest goal.


  4. I figured out a great thing to do with my stimulus money! Back the new Kickstarter for MST3K!
    What could be better than that?

  5. Best news ever!!! I can’t wait to see all new episodes with my kids. Jonah & Joel are their most favorite people on earth…or the moon.

  6. I think… (having just seen Joel’s first update!) that being surprised by the fan response… _and_ not surprised, should be how a lot of folks are feeling today. Maybe you especially Joel! 😉 I think, for many of us, beyond our love of the show, our memories as fans from way back, our desire to see new eps as we did so long ago (k srsly who’s gonna buy a vcr to circulate tapes?:

    There are new factors here- the live show is one of the last events many of us were able to attend before this unknowable year was unleashed. I know that for myself, it definitely gave me some momentum as I needed laughter and the company in that theater, and something to hold onto and look forward to again. And– as we have seen- there are many new fans, and some are quite young!… and I want this effort, and seasons going forward, to help ensure that they, like we did so many years ago, have a lot of MST3K to come…

    So my backing is a thank you, a vote of confidence, an ‘oh yeah the sweet sweet ‘stuff’ ‘, and hoping to help ensure a future for this fandom and for the show.

    I would not take it for granted, yet I’m not entirely surprised, even with all that has happened. Some quite likely over-extended a bit. (I came clooooose…) but I know where their hearts are. 😉
    Now a few more folks do too, and it’s just started…

  7. This is a really cool idea! Me and some other friends from An Website do weekly MST3K watchings anyway, online in a video sharing room. We’ve been through the whole series one-and-a-half times now, we’ve been doing it for _six years_, from long before COVID. Seriously, this is the primary way we watch MST now, it’s been a lot of fun.

    Under the Gizmoplex scheme, we could possibly just move it there for when we get to Season 13! If I might add/ask comments/questions/suggestions? (“Comquestgestions?”)

    I especially like that the daily rate is so low, as it means we could be able to bring in folk for cheap who may not “be members.” I would like to get some more details on how this will work; does everyone pay $0.99, or just one person pay on behalf of everyone?

    The maximum of 10 viewers each is a slight problem for us, our shows usually top out at 10, but we have epic three-day Christmas Marathons where we’ve gotten up to 21 in the past, and could always get more.

    We also show a lot of other things besides MST3K as part of our shows. Youtube videos, for example–we’ve been using Dana Gould’s excellent Hanging With Dr Z, marble races from Jelle’s Marble Runs, Homestar Runner, classic commercial compilations, drive-in intermissions collections, weird movies from random Youtube channels, and lots of other cool things. We even show some Rifftrax at times from a privately hosted (& paid-up, of course) horde. It would really help us out if we could bring in our own outside material for this too, so we could construct a night of programming out of them! It might be a bit selfish for me to ask this, but I think a lot of other people would enjoy doing this, and what you’ve suggested is already pretty close to what we do every week.

    In case you find it useful: the solution we use for video sharing is cytube (, and generally it works very well for us. We use their hosted version, but it’s open-source, so you might be able to get your tech guys to adapt it. It can manage coordinating videos from a lot of different sources, including Youtube, Vimeo, and privately-hosted streams.

    And, PLEASE bring back the interstitials! (Max telling us the movie and doing station ID and such) In fact, you might want to consider doing fake commercials in the movie. Lately we’ve been doing “as broadcast” episodes in our shows, when we can find them on Youtube, with the original Comedy Central commercials, and having those breaks in the show are really nice, they let us get up and make snacks or go to the bathroom, and it’s almost as fun commenting on the 90s commercials as making our own jokes about the movie in chat!

  8. Another Mst3K Kickstarter backed again! Can’t wait it’s gonna be swell!
    Come on shake a leg and donate if ya can MSTies 😉 even just a buck ya can chuck in helps!

  9. Just in case people walking around haven’t gotten wind of this yet, I figured it couldn’t hurt to take it to the streets over here in Philadelphia…

    With only 15 days left, I went ahead and mocked up some signage with a QR code to direct anyone with a smart phone back to this page.

    I printed out a bunch of these and canvased the “Northern Liberties” and “Fishtown” areas of Philadelphia.

    Did it on my own dime, with my own time. This is not official by any means.

    If anyone feels like doing the same, I uploaded a PDF of the images (you can get two on a page and cut them) here:

    If anyone else feels like printing some out and hitting some areas with a lot of foot traffic, I figured it can’t hurt.

    Onwards and upwards to 12 new episodes. 🙂

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