MORE STORIES: Have You Ever Made Best Friends — Or Fallen in Love — Helped Along By a Shared Devotion to MST3K?


Our first call for your stories about how you originally found MST3K generated a Big McLargeHuge response, a veritable deluge of your amazing, funny, heartfelt, and wonderful personal stories. You left hundreds of comments, and truth be told, far more of you emailed me directly ( with your stories than I expected! I am having the time of my life reading them all, and I look forward to publishing some of them here on (with your permission — I’ll start emailing you individually in the coming days/weeks to discuss, so stand by!) as well as sharing them with the rest of the team.

I know many of you have stories of making friends or even finding romantic partners over the occasional episode of MST3K. I’ll admit to a period of time in my 20s when simply knowing a person was into this show was enough for me to consider dating them (in more recent years, dating nerdy types — my people — who eventually find out I work on MST3K has led to some… interesting interactions). That said, romance isn’t everything, and I’d argue that enduring close friendships full of inside jokes and shared knowledge are just as valuable as any romantic partnerships might be.

So this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, and with a renewed appreciation for the simple joy of spending in-person time with the people we care about most, we’re inviting you to tell us your stories of interpersonal connections sparked or reinforced by shared interest in MST3K. Did you connect over a riff? Did you discover MST3K together? Tell us about it! (And wear your yellow dress, the one with the ruffles on it, so we know it’s real.)

You can share in the comments below, or email me at if you’d rather get lengthy about it. Also, if you emailed me previously at, don’t fret, I’ve got you.

Thanks again for being so generous with your stories, y’all. I hope reading and sharing them together is a bit of sunshine in your day — it certainly is in mine.

15 thoughts on “MORE STORIES: Have You Ever Made Best Friends — Or Fallen in Love — Helped Along By a Shared Devotion to MST3K?”

  1. My ex-husband and I connected over MST3K back in 1992, but it became a Y2K casualty. In the time we were together, however, we did manage to create 3 new humans who now share their favorite riffs with their significant others.

  2. I remember casually catching bits and pieces of MST3k when I was younger and my mom was watching it. But when my husband and I met almost 10 years ago, we got into watching it together. What I most love about my husband is his sense of humor, so we had a great time laughing at Joel/Mike and the bots, and quoting the best riffs in our day-to-day life (“You can’t kill me, I quit!”). It’s a Christmas tradition for to watch the Christmas episodes, and we love having new seasons to watch with Jonah!

  3. The first few months my husband and I were dating we discovered that we both grew up watching and loving MST3K. For Christmas that year, the first gift I ever gave him was a complete functional replica of Tom Servo. Six years and two kids later, and he still says it’s the best gift he’s ever received! We celebrate Valentine’s Day every year with a MST3K marathon! 🥰

  4. I’ve got a story about how we nearly killed a good friend using MST3K! We had our good friend Frank visiting, and my hubs and I had just watched “Space Mutiny”. We were up for another viewing (we’ve now seen it 15+ times) and thought he would enjoy it. Around the time that Big McLargeHuge goes to the “disco”, and sees Cameron Mitchell’s daughter dancing, one of the bots goes “oh my god, she’s presenting like a mandrill!”. Frank started to laugh so hard he couldn’t breathe; we had to stop the movie for him to recover. I have no doubt he was close to death’s door and was only saved by the pause button. I still cherish that memory.

  5. Way back in high school, a friend had asked to borrow some of my MST3K VHS tapes. In the spirit of circulating the tapes, I brought them to school, where a guy I barely knew spotted them and asked “Oh wow, whose are these!?”

    Well, they were mine, we started dating, we eventually got married, and now it’s 26 years later and we reference the show constantly with each other, see the live shows whenever we can, and watch an episode before bed every night. Only love pads the film, folks.

  6. My fiancee and I regularly watch “Fugitive Alien,” “Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2,” “Monster A Go-Go,” and of course “Santa Claus Conquers The Martians” is an annual Christmas tradition. In fact, we kid you not, we’re planning on having her walk down the aisle to the MST3K Love Theme.

    Yes, it’ll be recorded. We can circulate it.

  7. My wife and I bonded, in part, over our shared love of MST3K and Doctor Who.
    We’ve been married for 15 year, and MST3K is our comfort food for when one of us is feeling sick or stressed out. If we were ever in one of those Gérard Depardieu ‘Green Card’ style situations where we had to prove to an INS agent we were really married to each other, I couldn’t tell you what my wife’s favorite perfume is, but I sure as hell can tell you her favorite MST3K episode. In fact, it’s one of our silent unspoken acts of love that if I pop ‘The Undead’ into the DVD player or if she puts on ‘Cave Dwellers’ we’re acknowledging that our significant other has just had a rough day and is in need of some comforting.

  8. Once upon a time, I met a guy who had all the episodes released thus far on videotape

    26+ years and thousands of inside jokes later, we’re still going strong

    (still wish I’d convinced him to give our son “Megaweapon” as a middle name)

  9. The first thing my former boyfriend and I bonded over was MST3k: before we started dating we were hanging out and he randomly quoted Eegah (“Watch out for snakes!”), I chuckled, he was surprised I got the reference, and that led to a discussion of MST3k episodes; we both had seen most of the series. We watched many an episode while we were together, and he introduced me to MST3k The Movie which I’d never seen, but soon added to the random riffs I think about when doing graphic design. While it wasn’t meant to be, we remain good friends and MST3k nerds.

  10. My wife and I met online in the ’90s, back before that was a normal thing to do. Our relationship was long distance. One day, the Sci-Fi channel held an online Sci-Fi convention, and one of the activities was to be able to stream MST3K (Manos) through Realplayer. Old timers will recall that as being a VERY shoddy way to watch things, (almost like a slide show when the connection was slow, and it usually was) but we set up a date to watch the episode together, syncing up the episode. We had so much fun watching together and sharing favorite riffs in chat as we watched, that I sent her several copies of episodes I had recorded so we could play them at the same time and chat. It’s an activity we enjoy to this day (it’s even better in person!) and now share with our 8 year old son.

  11. My best friend and I met over our love of two things – Futurama and MST3K. We’ve watched our way through the show’s complete ouvre more than once and made a week of it when new episodes dropped via the Netflix seasons.

    (I can also easily quote MST to my boyfriend) (MST – the glue that holds my relationships together).

  12. Saw fragments of episodes, in the early 90’s staying at motels, but didn’t get to share/ nor “get” the show til the 97 Turkey Day marathon. A bunch of young folks, at Black Flys Lodge, in Vermont watched it with me, and gave me a rough outline. Hooked ever since!

  13. Oh, you shared our story on Turkey Day, but here it is again! We met online and the first thing that he said to me was he noticed I liked MST3K and that he had recorded his own version of The Love Theme and would I want to hear it. Uh, YES PLEASE. We have been together almost 7 years now (married almost 3), went to the premiere in LA, have been to every live show, had several of the cast record messages for our wedding video and even have an MST3K themed bedroom, complete with Tom and Crow sitting in some theater seats so they can judge us while we sleep. We love each other but also love that MST3K brought us together.

  14. My friend and I met about two years ago. He lives overseas, so a lot of our friendship has been based around talking about our favorite media. However, most of the time, what we happened to be into at a particular time didn’t quite match up, until I introduced him to MST3K a few weeks ago. My parents have been fans since its inception and passed that love onto me, so I’ve been watching for several years, but I figured it was something my friend might enjoy too. We both love terrible movies and the feelings of found family. He loved it instantly, and during quarantine, it’s been so soothing to watch episodes nearly neck and neck and discuss them at the end of every day. It’s honestly prevented us from going crazy. I can’t wait until we can finally watch an episode together, in person.

  15. Another great topic Lesley!

    I’m loving these calls for submissions – it’s so very endearing and brings a real life and humanity to the comments section.

    Make us realize how connected we all are just because of the stories we have to share. 🙂

    I’ll probably email something over as I don’t want to weigh down the section here too much with an overly verbose story (I emailed a response to the last topic, and if you’ve looked it over, I’m sure you know what I mean, haha!).

    Thanks again for keeping this fresh and carving out a home for the Mistie Family!

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