A Very Happy Holidays, From Our Satellite to Yours….


Thanks for all your support this year, MSTies! We wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year, and we are so excited to show you what we’ve got planned in 2021.

7 thoughts on “A Very Happy Holidays, From Our Satellite to Yours….”

  1. Merry Christmas to all of you! & Thanks so much for all the new Christmas cartoon & other Riffs! Much appreciated, especially THIS season

  2. And to all of you…!
    Hard to believe it’s almost a year since going to the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour, so much has happened, but MST3K and its fandom have been a bright spot. So to all at Alternaversal, on .org, shout, twitch, and circulators ’round the SOL, thanks for being part of what has been much-needed refuge and relief over the last nine + months… my appriecitaion for hte work continues, and deepens if you can believe it. To the new crew, trusting all’s in great hands. I hope that all of our ’21s are turning to better directions.

    First star to the right, and riff on til morning, friends…

    1. Happy holidays to you all!

      Thank you for giving us the treats we received in 2020- every new surprise or update was a balm to the brutal surreality of this year.

      I sincerely hope that everyone connected with alternaversal has been able to enjoying the holiday season safely – finding their holiday cheer as best they can.

      I’m excited for 2021 to begin so that we may turn the page and start something new.

      I can’t wait to see what you are all thinking for the future of MST… Something tells me brighter days lie ahead.

      Warmest regards to you all!

  3. Can’t wait to see what comes next for MST3K. Maybe Emily as host to our lovable bots. Perhaps on a new platform? We can only hope. Cheers friends stay sane and safe!

  4. I’m looking forward to more MST3K in whatever form it takes.

    Even if the slick HD Netflix days with big name guest stars are behind us, it doesn’t matter. MST3K is the one show that could still survive even if it was just Joel sitting in an old refrigerator box with a couple of socks and an old Super 8 projector. In fact, it’s the only show on television that (I feel) gets better and closer to it’s “true self” the more you strip away from it. At it’s heart, MST3K will always be about one thing; making beautiful comedy from garbage and imagination.

    Joel used to dumpster dive and raid local thrift stores to get the bits and pieces to build his stand-up props and robot sculptures. The fact that those first few seasons had a prop and costume budget worse than your average high school drama club and were mostly held together with hot glue, spray paint, and recycled ice cube trays and He-Man figures only added to it’s charm. The movies were almost entirely stinkers pulled from the public domain or that had been bundled together on the cheap by Sandy Frank. It was as close as you could get to a “show made from nothing.”

    There are still plenty of bad movies and shorts out there in the public domain (I’ve got a wish list, and I’m sure a lot of other fans do too) and if this year has proved anything, it’s that it’s now technologically possible to produce something almost indistinguishable from classic MST3K even without any of the actors being together in the same room, and that you can still do “live show” style riffing events over Zoom, and get 2000+ fans to show up and pay $10 a head to watch you make fun of bad movies over the internet while social distancing from different sides of the country. All of this without a single corporate or network sponsor.

    MST3K will never die as long as there are still fans out there who love it.

  5. Heyyy for folks who wander by, I threw this to reddit and just a curiosity… thought I’d steal space here for it, it’s a 2020 year-end ‘huh’ for me:

    Not entirely sure what it was, but this year, especially after catching the Great Cheesy Movie Circus in January, I know that I sat and really took in more episodes, even those I really know or in some cases ugh… wondering how it’s been for everyone else, if it became a bit more of a cool thing, refuge, defense, or with all of the activity and excitement with the new crew and the old core corps 🙂 being so out there and active, just taking time to re-invest in the show too… be there for them.

    So did you find that even if your watch/listen level wasn’t much different that maybe you sat and took in the eps in their entirety? For a few years I guess, I’d just sit with the twitch or shout or discs or such going as ‘background’ and riff and laugh along, but it’d been a long time since I sat and just *watched*.

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