POLL: Which Invention Would You Rather Get as a Gift?


It’s another holiday-themed poll! Come on this journey with me, won’t you?

In the spirit of the season, your kindly Aunt Susan has brought you a gift. Despite Aunt Susan’s very mediocre record with gift-giving, you gamely open the tastefully wrapped package to reveal her selection for you. Keeping in mind that you don’t have the Mads’ Wish Squisher on hand to convert your gifts to something better (or worse), which invention would you rather receive?

8 thoughts on “POLL: Which Invention Would You Rather Get as a Gift?”

  1. I’d probably have to go with the Pop Star Tupperware, because sadly, my Morrisey is now way past his freshness date.

  2. Johnny Longtorso… Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    Just imagine how long it will take to finally assemble him… the fulfilment you get would be the same as finallycompleting that homemade Crow or Tom Servo replica you’ve been working on for years, haha. 😉

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