POLL: Who Would You Rather Host For the Holidays, Mitchell or Rowsdower?


Hey MSTie pals, I hope your seasonal season has thus far been very seasony! While work around here proceeds behind the scenes (including the next phase of this website, which I am SUPER excited about, although we’re going to have to be patient for a bit) I’m trying something a little new here; a thought experiment, if you will.

Imagine it: it’s the holidays, on a snowy evening, and travel is treacherous. You hear a knock at your door — who could that be? You’re not expecting anyone. You open the door a crack and in the cold darkness you just make out a heaving meaty lump of a human. He tells you his car has broken down, could he possibly seek shelter for the night in your warm domicile?

You open the door further and light spills onto your front steps. Who would you rather see at the door?

13 thoughts on “POLL: Who Would You Rather Host For the Holidays, Mitchell or Rowsdower?”

    1. Lol- Lesley, you really don’t make it easy do you?!?!

      I want to go with Mitchell, but my gut says that in this world, it’s more likely to find Rowsdower knocking on the door.

      Mitchell would probably just sleep in his car and tell his bosses he was on stakeout with his trusted partner, “Mack Doubles”.

  1. Also, I love this thought experiment and would love to play it out even further.

    If this was the olden days and we were having a Turkey Day where Frank was hosting a Thanksgiving dinner during the episode bumpers, I wonder whom people would want to be on the guest list?

    The catch is you can’t invite any of the people we’ve previously seen at a Turkey Day dinner party.

    I know some great characters off the bat!

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