WATCH: Joel Interviews Paul & Storm About the Music of MST3K!


Hello team! I hope your December is going swimmingly thus far. In keeping with our efforts to make all of this year’s new Turkey Day content easily available, today we’re sharing the complete interview our very own Joel did with Paul & Storm, looking back on some of the new music they created in MST3K: The Return and The Gauntlet. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “WATCH: Joel Interviews Paul & Storm About the Music of MST3K!”

  1. Gonna go on record and say yep yeah you bet-hmmm I’d still get a set of the ‘Monster’ laser-cuts!!
    And these segments are a sweet way to intro folks who are still on the fence about watching Jonah’s work! As hinted at, right out of the gate, that first segment…. 😉

    1. Sooo, I think this is already common knowledge but the Every Country Has a Monster segment was the first thing — like, THE VERY FIRST SCENE — that was shot for The Return. It was the first time Jonah was on camera as host, and not only did he have to get the lyrics right, he had to juggle all those figures and not knock them over (which did happen…. many times…. on other takes — I had the extreme privilege to be there during production and watching these efforts still ranks as one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen). At the time I thought making this the first scene was borderline evil but in hindsight it was the best idea. Jonah nailed it and if I, as a longtime fan, had any lingering questions about his ability to do the job, they were totally gone after that.

      1. hehhehhhhh ahem. When the bits get knocked over, I do wonder if ‘uh-oh here comes anothe0r take’ flashed through JR’s noggin’. But keeping it in seems to relate to the early days, no over-producing, full steam ahead!

        There’s a notion that on day 1 of filming anything, you put the actors through hell; I guess the logic being ‘Well damn, it can only get better/easier/something-ier from here!’

        I would have come back in on Day 2 said, ‘Oh hey yeah sorry Jonah, something deleted all the stuff from yesterday, uh, let’s go at it again, from the top! Anna-one anna-two…’

        OK being there would have been cool, bit of a jealous 😉

  2. MST’s music has always been terrific, and the music in Seasons 11 and 12 lives up to the legacy! My the bits that come to mind are the in-movie songs from Starcrash and Lords of the Deep (the psychedelic song about BLOB).

  3. I just started following you MST3K I’m young n I like your content and atm I’m watch your Netflix videos and I’m watching your YouTube channel and at. I’m watching hodgson second annual puppet camp I like it especially because it the most recent video of you funny humans/people keep it up and don’t give up. I’ll be watching you guys cheers. Yay Crow T robot and Tom servo.

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