LIVESTREAM: Watch the 2020 Turkey Day Marathon Right Here!


Hello marvelous MSTies! We hope you enjoy this year’s marathon as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If you’re curious as to what to expect today, you can get all the details here — but we won’t fault you if you’d rather be surprised. You can watch the stream here all day, as well as lots of other options wherever you are.

ETA: The YouTube livestream cuts off after 12 hours, but we’ve collected all the new host segments and the re-riffed short featuring Emily over here.

25 thoughts on “LIVESTREAM: Watch the 2020 Turkey Day Marathon Right Here!”

  1. Watching on YouTube via Apple TV. Working great! Couldn’t find the live stream on the Apple TV Twitch app but I don’t use that app often so it’s probably user error!

    1. The Twitch interface isn’t the best, but if you search for MST3K it should be one of the first channels that pops up. Then you can “favorite” it and it will always show up at the top.

  2. Hey all! Did they mention when Emily will riff the short?

    I’m so curious to see if this will be a new complete riff, or riff over the recorded riffs like the did with “The MST3K LIVE Social Distancing Riff-Along Special” of Moon Zero Two!

    Good times in the MST world. 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for the Turkey Day marathon!! I look forward to it every year and pre-game by watching MST3K via Shout Factory and Netflix the whole month of November. Especially grateful for the Turkey Day marathon this year. Thank you!!

  4. This Turkey Day Marathon has been apart of my Thanksgiving tradition since the first one. I introduced my girlfriend to MST3K and now it’s a part of the tradition. Although we don’t celebrate it, we just love MST3K. I’m forever thankful for MST3K, it’s been a part of my life, wherever I was, like in my teenage years, or during my deployments to Iraq, in the face of danger, you guys have kept me grounded. Thanks for your service, from a veteran.

  5. To everyone involved with Mystery Science Theater 3000 (past and present): Thanks for doing this, you guys!!!
    It’s been a blast hanging out with everyone today! Love to you all.

  6. (c/p from my fb post)

    If you’re gonna gobble the gobble, you better waddle the waddle. Well-waddled (ok really I’ve got no idea if that works!)

    As ever, an absolute blast. I’ve really enjoyed the fans’ stories, and the surprises (an all-hosts event! Very cool) There aren’t enough boxes of hamdingers to ship as thanks to _everyone_ BTS as well.

    (mumble mumble) years ago I’d got the flu, quite bad, on holiday break early in my college years, and while recuperating alone on a couch for the week, was becoming enamored with this show that was new to me… what a ride it’s been, gobblers and waddlers all.

  7. Just wanted to thank you guys for the marathon yesterday. Not sure my MST memory was read on TV, but seeing Emily all but officially become Test Case IV by re-riffing the grocery store short made ot great.
    That and seeing the two Netflix episodes and Sampo. Great job.
    BTW, I chose Shout Factory TV on Roku. Worked very well. Also learned it had dedicated channels to Carson and Carol Burnett!

  8. Great job yesterday!

    I unfortunately missed Emily riffing the supermarket short. Is there anywhere to see that one?

    1. Let me investigate — it will be available at some point for sure, but for now it may live on in one of the archived streams.

      1. Thank you so much Lesley! As always you are the best. 🙂

        Hope you had a great Turkey Day!

  9. So where’s the the rest of it? All we got here is up to 12 minutes which ends when they cut off when they did the supermarket short with Joel.

    1. YouTube limits how much of a livestream you can archive, it seems. I’m looking into whether the whole stream continues to exist on a different platform somewhere.

  10. Well, I’ve finally made it through the beginning of ‘The Day the Earth Froze,’ and (joy of joys!) I got to hear my words in the mouth of Crow T. Robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an absolutely cool, surreal experience! Should go on my resume!

    Thank you guys for all the hard work that went into making another beautiful marathon. Every chance to escape from 2020 into a few hours of comedy bliss is a welcome one!

    Also, any idea if the marathon may be available to watch past ‘The Day the Earth Froze?’ The first ~12 hours are available on YouTube now, but I’d love to be able to pick up ‘Blood Beast’ and ‘Cry Wilderness,’ plus all the host segments!

    Thank you again!

  11. Any chance the second half / end of the marathon will also be posted to youtube? I’d love to see Emily tackle that short film.

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