TURKEY DAY IS UPON US! Here’s the List of Episodes You Will See Today (Plus We’re Revealing Some Big Surprises!)


At last, the day is here! You voted, and the results are locked in. The Turkey Day Marathon begins shortly at 9am ET / 6am PT; if you’re still unsure how to watch, we’ve got your options covered over here!

I’ve got your schedule for the day below, but first, a small preamble. When we launched the 2020 Turkey Day Tournament, many of you asked if you’d be able to vote to include episodes from the Netflix series — the Jonah Era — because Jonah deserves representation on Turkey Day too. We loved that idea and couldn’t agree more, it just took a little more wrangling to figure it out, and our options were limited* so voting wouldn’t be possible anyway.

But if you wondered why this year’s Turkey Day is starting early, this is why! You’re not getting six episodes this year, you’re getting EIGHT EPISODES, because we’ve added two Netflix episodes to the Turkey Day roaster — I mean roster.

That’s not all! You’ll also be seeing some brand new segments we made especially for this year’s marathon, including a series of interviews with Paul & Storm, your MST3K Turkey Day memories, and some insider looks at the world of Alternaversal, your production company behind all things MST3K!

And last but definitely not least, this year’s event will also include a NEW riff of a short film by the MST3K LIVE cast led by Emily Marsh, making the 2020 Turkey Day Marathon one in which every host of MST3K is represented.

Phew. Can you handle it? Today’s schedule of events is below:

9am ET – I Accuse My Parents

11am ET – Hobgoblins


3pm ET – Carnival Magic

5pm ET – Final Justice

7pm ET – The Day the Earth Froze

9pm ET – Night of the Blood Beast (Wildcard Entry!)

11pm ET – Cry Wilderness

Yes, this year’s Turkey Day is HUGE! Our heartfelt thanks, again, for your enthusiastic participation in this year’s Turkey Day Tournament, and for your support for all our efforts. And an extra special thanks to Shout! Factory for collaborating on this event with us so wonderfully.

We hope today’s marathon provides warmth and laughter for you today. Happy Turkey Day!

*We can only stream episodes we have certain rights to, so we picked the best ones we had available. We’re all adults here. And it’s Thanksgiving!

39 thoughts on “TURKEY DAY IS UPON US! Here’s the List of Episodes You Will See Today (Plus We’re Revealing Some Big Surprises!)”

    1. Yes! Carnival Magic isn’t in The Gamut, I can’t seem to find the “new” episodes on Netflix Joel mentioned. Won’t someone enlighten me?

  1. And we’re off to the races! On YouTube now and so far, so good.

    This is a solid line up and I’m so glad we were able to get some Jonah episodes in here and the extra episodes make this all better! I have ALWAYS loved the longer, full day marathon. It feels right that this runs so late.

    I was streaming the 1992 full marathon from last night (6pm) till 9am and the start of today’s show.

    The fact you made new content and host bits, in the middle of a pandemic, is just a reminder of how awesome you guys are!

    Cannot thank you enough for all your hard work here!

  2. PlutoTV is still playing Crash of the Moons.
    Switched over to MST3K YouTube channel. It’s running well so far.

  3. I just have to say it… I LOVE, “I Accuse My Parents”.

    So happy this is the opening of the day!

  4. All of the pluto channels are not running the marathon.
    We are just now figuring it out and watching the host segments on Youtube.
    I am glad it is Pluto and not me, I thought I was going crazy.

  5. Any idea what time Emily’s new riff on the short will be so I don’t miss it while cooking? I’m so excited to finally get to see the newest test subject.

    1. I don’t have an exact time because of the vagaries of streaming, but I believe it is at or near the end of the marathon. So you’re probably good!

  6. The Shout Factory! stream is working perfectly. It was slightly cruel to start with the excellent I Accuse My Parents at 6 AM (Pacific), but the list looks good.

  7. Joel’s sound seems a little muted in this host segment on YouTube, but still ok. Might just be me

  8. So glad one of the folks at Rifftrax emailed me back with directions on how to watch! First saw a TDM in ’93, the famous one, been watching ever since. Love the interviews and the new short. Just wish I’d known of mst3k.org earlier, but during this awful year, your work is a total lifesaver, Well must get back to the tube(!) walk pups, everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. So glad I found the MST3K channel on Roku channel, used to watch this all the time with my dad. Always a hoot!

  10. So quick note: having run the numbers, and assuming that the movies on the docket would include the three most voted on and commented on (exempting I Accuse My Parents and Pod People), the run should include Eegah and Devil Fish, not Hobgoblins and Final Justice. Thanks for running the show, though!

    1. Those were picked from the final rounds and chosen by vote tallies per episode, which I have just now realized I’m not sure are visible to people without backend access? If I’d realized that I would have picked a more transparent number!

  11. “I Accuse My Parents,” “Pod People,” and “Final Justice”!? The hubby and I are really enjoying this lineup!

  12. I was thinking Final Sacrifice, not Final Justice. Imagine my confusion when they were talking Joe Don Baker instead of Rowsdower…

  13. So glad this is a thing again. We weren’t a football fan family so this was our tradition in the 90’s. Just introduced my 3 year old to what I hope will be our new, ongoing Turkey day tradition. He doesn’t get the jokes, but he loves the bots and hallway scenes. Thanks for the episodes and great variety!

  14. Any chance I’m not the only one that would love a 10 hour long vid of just the ambient music from the “We’ll be right back” screen on Turkey Day this year, so soothing.

  15. I didn’t realize what MST3K.org really was til today, and didn’t scroll down to see this post until now. So I watched the marathon wondering what would come next. Surprises are fun, and I had some good ones today.

    Day The Earth Froze, probably my all-time fave, made the cut! And when I heard there’d be 2 Jonah episodes I *hoped* one would be Cry Wilderness, so you can bet I let out a cheer when they introduced #8 tonight! Turkey Day isn’t about getting exactly what you wanted. But it sure is nice!

    Massive Thanks to everyone who made it happen. It really means a lot.

    And PS – I’d totally buy an “Alternaversal” shirt if there was one.

  16. So, I am getting old and wasn’t able to stay awake for Cry Wilderness and the new short.

    Any chance there will be a link to the new Emily short (got great reviews on Twitter!) so us sleepy ones can see it?

  17. Knee up , people. My favorite movie has always been “The Giant Gila Monster”, maybe next year you could play my favorite Jonah riff “The Beast of Hollow Mountain”, Yesterday’s line-up was something to be thankful for.

    1. Not so much a comment to Leigh, as a ? Are any of Joel’s Cheesy Movie Circus available on dvd? If so, where can I get ’em? Tried ‘Alternaversal,’ hard to know what to do, there!

  18. So very pleased to enjoy the new short on supermarkets (always a rich subject for riffing). If I understood correctly it was the “prize” for folks coming out to support local Minneapolis community org Migizi. If so, even happier to see what our $ helped make possible! And the perfect cap to another triumphant Turkey Day. Thanks MST3K for sharing the love!

  19. Any chance of getting the host segments put up? I fell asleep about halfway through Night of the Blood Beast and the recording of the maraton only covers to halfway through Day the Earth Froze. I sure would love to see the new riffing bit at the very end!

  20. One of the best marathons yet! One issue as others have pointed out, the YouTube video of the marathon cuts off the end so a lot of us can’t see Emily’s riff of the short. Can we get a part 2 of the marathon uploaded, or even just a bumper compilation w/ the short please and thank you?

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