It’s Turkey Day Eve, and We Have a Request!


Greetings, devoted marathoners, and I hope your excitement for this year’s Turkey Day event is reaching a fever pitch! I’m here today to remind you that this year’s marathon starts at 9am ET / 6am PT and features NEW segments with the cast of MST3K LIVE, including host Emily Marsh, Tom Servo (Conor McGiffin), Crow (Nate Begle), and GPC/MegaSynthia (Yvonne Freese). There will also be appearances by Jonah Ray and Rebecca Hanson, and, of course, Joel Hodgson. It’s going to be a veritable cornucopia of fun!

Has it been awhile since you watched a Turkey Day marathon? Still got questions about how to join? We’ve assembled a list of options for where you can watch and how to tune in.

We also have a request: While you’re watching this year’s event, we would love it if y’all would think about what you like (and don’t like) about the platform you’re watching it on, and report back to us here (or via email to — your feedback will be super helpful as we decide how to use streaming platforms going forward. So if you’re a big fan of watching on Twitch, or PlutoTV, for example, tell us why! And, of course, if you’ve got gripes, we want to hear those too. Our deepest thanks in advance for pitching in to help us plan for the future of MST3K!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be back with your episodes for this year’s marathon. This may be a non-traditional Thanksgiving for many of us, but remember — you’re never truly alone on Turkey Day when you’ve got MST3K on your side.

48 thoughts on “It’s Turkey Day Eve, and We Have a Request!”

  1. I’m a Twitch watcher, and don’t mind the pauses to keep the two hour timing in place.

    I do mind the commercials aimed at gamers, instead of our older demo – and, the tendency of the SF schedule to repeat episodes heavily in a month. August was brutal; none who stayed up for the double Hamlet can purge the experience from our minds.

    1. The Shout Factory app hasn’t worked on my fire sticks in months. It will open but won’t play movies. Multiple fire sticks, tried to replace/update the app several times.
      Watching now on the Shout Factory channel on the Prime Video app & it’s working flawlessly. I would have never thought to go this route if it weren’t for the post. Thanks!

  2. I used to watch MST3K a lot on Pluto, on my 49″ tv. Then I moved to a rural house where the only internet available is satellite (Hughes). I still use Pluto, but often deal with the dreaded loading/caching/streaming screen, as the app struggles to get more data.

    I mentioned the size of the TV for the following reason: I occasionally use Pluto on my desktop here in the same house, and I rarely see that loading screen. I haven’t done any testing of this, but I suspect the app on my tv requires more internet usage than the browser on my PC.

    I mention all of this just to say that I’m a little disappointed with Pluto’s performance here. I use Tubi on the same large tv, and can’t remember having problems with the movies/shows needing to cache in the middle of being played.

    Happy Turkey Day Marathon, MSTies!

      1. I’ve been doing this exact thing for years, especially since I got rid of traditional cable years ago. It works out great, aside from that I have horrible service from my Wi-Fi provider (I’m in upstate NY).

        I can’t believe I’ve been watching MST3K ever since Comedy Channel picked it up in, what, 1989? Been watching the Turkey Day marathon since the first one. It’s pure comfort food and brain candy all at the same time, and it always surprises me when I (re-)discover an episode I’m sure I’ve never seen or only seen once and forgot about.

        And for the purposes of feedback, I’m streaming it on YouTube and am yet to see any issues.

        Happy Turkey Day, MSTies!!

  3. I’m excited to watch the marathon! I watch often on Pluto, but the endlessly repetitive commercial breaks, which seem like they’re increasing in length (?!) are starting to give me a bad case of the crazies. Hoping for better tomorrow! Will report!

  4. My wife and I have been MSTies since getting the Comedy Channel back in November of 1990. We watched the first Turkey Day marathon in 1991 and every year since. In the years there was none I made one for us with home video. I love watching the current marathons on Twitch. I have a Twitch app on our Xbox and it makes it easy to watch on the large screen (60″) TV. If I’m in the kitchen cooking for a while I watch on the Twitch app on my Kindle. The only drawback is on the Kindle, Twitch “broke” the app last year and the followed channels list never works properly any longer, I reported the problem, but they’ve never fixed it. Other than that I have no complaints about Twitch as it’s quite convenient, if I’m on my computer I can watch Twitch there as well. And the chat feature is handy or can be hidden if and when chat gets ugly. I use Twitch on our Xbox every day for MST3K, ShoutFactoryTV and many other channels as well. Thanks for everything you’ve done to keep MST3K alive and for publishing nearly every episode on DVD, we own every DVD set and the extra discs you offered as bonuses too. We quite like your MST3K merchandise store too and have a bunch of stuff from there as well (e.g., shirts, oven mitts, a jacket, etc.).

    1. I’m with you-especially since you won’t have the listings until it’s already on the air @ 6am. (We were just hoping to see the episode guide prior to setting the alarm clock for 6am)

      1. Started with the YouTube app on my Roku TV this morning. So far so good! I don’t mind the “stay tuned” breaks featuring the SOL and timer at all!

      1. Not all of us west coasters are having tantrums about the start time. That’s just how it is. It’s not the end of the world. 😛

      2. It’s great and all that it’s longer, but 9 AM ET is before (or just at) sunrise in half the country this time of year. Ugh.

  5. Will do Lesley! Exciting times ahead tomorrow. 🙂

    What a comfort this will be in such a year of uncertainty and craziness.

    Bring on Turkey Day and remember, “…Everything is permitted within the boundaries of Thanksgiving.” -Joel

  6. I was watching on Pluto TV but the commercials there really increased in frequency. Also, the content of the commercials, I just could not take. I started searching for other places to watch and found Twitch.

    I love it there on Twitch and paid for a subscription. The chat is so nice there.

  7. I tend to switch between Pluto and Twitch. Pluto’s ads are THE WORST, and often not really targeted at the MSTie crowd (It was fun until it wasn’t), Twitch tends to have better stability and more variety. (Pluto cycles through its supply of episodes fairly quickly and often in the same order.) I do like that they have a different pool, so I can say, “I really don’t feel up to trying to make it through Red Zone Cuba. Ooh! Twitch has Puma Man!” Just change the lineup every month or so, and either platform is awesome.

    I’ll also throw in and say if there were a subscription MST3K service that would offer a large pool of episodes to stream on demand, I’d pay for it in a heartbeat.

  8. I will tell you I watched itnon Pluto last year and it was painful as a hearing impaired person. The closed captioning on that site is horrible. I am doing Rokus channel this year. It’s already a million times better. Also, I have ideas of making the next generation of MST3K more inclusive If there’s a thought of making additional episodes. However this is neither neither the time nor place and not a shot at the older episodes. Other than the occasional fat shaming comments (few indeed) in the older episodes MST3K was one of the first places that made me feel safe as a cisgender, proudly wierd lady.

  9. Twitch is the platform I use the most. Being able to hang out with other viewers and chat can make a fun time even better. If I don’t feel like paying attention to chat it’s possible to just close it while watching the stream or even just have it up on a second monitor while working. I feel like it gives me the most options and can be a lot of fun.

    On the downside, the timing of the ads could use some work. If they lined up more with the original commercial breaks that would be less jarring. Also for the “We will be right back” screens the timer is nice, but it could be fun if there were some new interactive bits of livestream from time to time. Maybe with a new host or guest robot?

    Thanks for keeping MST3K alive!

  10. I always watch on Twitch because of the chat. I have such a great time talking to my fellow msties and connecting via our love of the show that transcends our locations on the planet or our ages.

    The community there is just really friendly, welcoming, and funny. It’s always fun.

  11. I’m a Roku user and, whatever you choose for the future, if there’s a functional app available? I’m all in.

    Pluto’s random, jarring commercial breaks and repetition of ads started to bother me as well as the poor captioning. Shout Factory’s app wasn’t bad but I haven’t used it much lately.

  12. My daughter and I watch the marathons on YouTube. Most people have free access to it and it’s great to be able to go from TV to laptop to phone as necessary. Cheers!

  13. YouTube for the marathons! Twitch streams badly on my computer, and the commercials on Pluto drive me nuts these days. Excited for today!

  14. We watch via YouTube. My only complaint is the lack of closed captions/subtitles. I don’t know how feasible they are with how the live streaming is set up but I’d be fine with YouTube’s auto generated version.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m watching on Shout! Factory TV on my Roku TV. I like it because typically there are no ads, although the white noise during the breaks has been known to make this senior citizen doze.

    I might have watched on Pluto TV 488, since that’s where I’d left my TV last night (I watch on both because they show different movies), but they weren’t showing Turkey Day (Crash of Moons instead of I Açcuse My Parents).

  16. I initially tried watching on PlutoTV, but it was showing other MST3K episodes and their Shout Factory channel was also showing other things. Now decided to watch on YouTube.

  17. I’m watching on Twitch! It’s going well, except the segment with Joel and Paul & Storm was exceptionally hard to hear. I myself am heard of hearing, but a few friends have said it was very quiet. Thanks for everything! ❤️

  18. Pluto was AWFUL – they started the marathon at 12 in the middle of where YouTube was at. Should have just restarted it as soon as the glitch was fixed, not jump into the middle and now make viewers miss out. Ended up switching over to YouTube and just rewinding to the beginning, but super disappointing

  19. Watching on the Roku channel. All these years and I never knew Roku even had live TV. Anyway, it’s easy and I like it.

  20. YouTube’s working great. I was worried YouTube would cram ads in every five minutes like they’ve been doing with many videos, but thankfully, it’s been a fun, smooth, ad-free experience! Provided it’s like this next year, I’ll stick with YT as my viewing platform.

  21. I think the You Tube channel is the way to go. I’ve been watching since 9 ET and it’s been smooth sailing!

  22. We watch on Youtube usually, either from our PS4 or by hooking up a laptop to the TV (previously by running an extra ethernet cable down the hallway to make sure we have a good connection for video, but this year we have a wifi booster so we’ll see how it goes). Performance is fine.

    I hope the new bits will be preserved separately on the channel so those of us who couldn’t catch them live can still see them.

    The near-silent 2 minute pauses with the floating SOL are okay – they beat the Shout commercials that are repetitive and, it always seems, much louder than the episodes and bumpers — but the silence (well, “space” sound) is a little weird. Some music would have been nice, maybe selections like were used in the loooong credits for the Netflix eps that showed all the Kickstarter backers?

    1. Yeah, definitely appreciating that the Alternaversal ads are normalized volume and not louder than everything else!

  23. I always prefer watching on the ShoutFactoryTV site or app. There has never been a problem, and I assume you’re getting far more of the ad revenue (when there are ads) since you don’t have to share any with a third-party network.

  24. On my Roku TCL smart tv, I’ve been watching the 2020 Turkey Day Marathon all day on the YouTube channel for Mystery Science Theater 3000. Works great. No way for me to comment, but I’m very cool with just passively watching the whole thing.

  25. Turns out my 17-yr-old kid was really excited about this year? We wound up watching MST3K for about 12 hours… But the last two hours weren’t the official marathon. We had been excited all day about watching Final Sacrifice, not realizing we were going to get a Joe Don Baker movie instead. So after our little Maltese adventure we looked up Rowsdower on our own.

    Today we watched via YouTube because sometimes Pluto gets a little skippy… But we actually watch on Pluto a good bit. Sometimes it’s fun to kick it old school and let someone else choose the episode and screening time. 🤷 Several times I’ve caught episodes on Pluto that I had somehow missed before. And I’ve seen almost all of them!

    Was thrown off by GPC’s “new name” at first, but then realized maybe it was due to respect for Roma people? I appreciate that. I appreciate the HELL out of that.

    Also, pls, I am so heartbroken that there are no plans for new Jonah episodes, I grew to love that whole new cast in such a short time and I would give one of my limbs to see more! I hope at some point you’ll get to put out some more again.

  26. Loved the marathon! When I’m at my computer I’m usually watching twitch, and on my TV I’m watching in Pluto. Because there’s not a twitch app on my TV. But the Marathon I watched on YouTube, which was awesome! To my knowledge yall don’t usually stream on YouTube. If it’s not a hassle on your end I would love to see a 24/7 stream on YouTube, because it’s on everything! From my parent’s old TV to my Switch, I was able to watch the Marathon wherever on whatever.

  27. Started late around 11 AM PST (6AM is just TOO early for me) using Pluto TV on my Xfinity Flex box. Was a little confusing at first because the Shout Factory TV channel was playing something else. Changed to the MST3K channel and then continued watching the marathon the rest of the day with no trouble at all! Commercials were minimal (other than the occasional 2-minute “We’ll be right back” wait screens) and no complaints! Thank you all for keeping this fun tradition alive!

  28. OMG. YOU READ MY MEMORY!!!! This truly made it The Best Thanksgiving Ever part II, Electric Boogaloo. Y’all did not disappoint. It was wonderful. Thank you so much for the hard work you put in to make this come together.

    I used youtube via roku, and we really liked being able to pause and then jump back in after breaking for dinner and KP. I also loved having a link to frantically send people with the message “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG THEY’RE READING MY MEMORY!”

    Being able to jump in whenever will also suit those who are complaining about the early start.

    The disadvantage is that youtube cuts off the end of the stream, and I sure would love to be able to download/rewatch the whole thing. On the other hand, what could be more reminiscent of the old VHS days than running out of tape? 😉 Would it be possible to upload it in two parts after the big day?

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