THE 2020 TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT FINAL IS HERE: I Accuse My Parents vs. Pod People


What a ride, friends! Nearly a month ago we embarked on a journey together to determine the six experiments to be shown on this year’s Turkey Day Marathon. Thousands of you have participated, and today we come to the final battle — the contenders here may not be surprising, but I feel like the outcome could easily go either way.

While determining the winner is fun, obviously we need more than one episode for the marathon, so this year’s slate will consist of the five most popular episodes according to your votes and comments, plus a particular “wildcard” entry from a previous round that many of you have specifically requested, and we’re doing our best to make it happen.

On to today’s vote: I Accuse My Parents versus Pod People. these are, of course, two of the most beloved episodes in the MST3K stable. But only one will come out on top. Will it be Jimmy Wilson’s tragic tale of compulsive lying, or will Tommy (can you hear me?) and Trumpy’s forbidden friendship take the crown? Voting is open until 10pm ET tomorrow, so don’t wait too long to decide. And thank you all again for your enthusiastic embrace of this grand experiment!

8 thoughts on “THE 2020 TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT FINAL IS HERE: I Accuse My Parents vs. Pod People”

  1. This isn’t the outcome I voted for! It stinks!

    (Already looking forward to watching both of these on Turkey day)

  2. I still can’t believe Night of the Blood Beast lost to Final Justice. Harumf! Just kidding. I love them all. Whatever we get for the marathon I will be there to enjoy.

  3. I really like “I Accuse My Parents” (In fact, as a volunteer for the first MST3KExpofestarama, I ran “I Accuse My Parents” and “Mighty Jack” in one of the video screening rooms) but I’m surprised it ranked as high as it did.

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