Turkey Day Tournament Day 22: Pod People vs. Final Justice


Salutations, Turkey Day Tournamenteers! Yesterday our first semifinal match unfolded with I Accuse My Parents versus Hobgoblins, and as anticipated, many of you have strong feelings about that choice. At this time, I Accuse My Parents holds the lead, but voting stays open until 11pm ET tonight so if you haven’t voted yet, get in there.

Today we have the second semifinal with Pod People taking on Final Justice. Hey, these are YOUR favorites, so of course these decisions are going to be challenging! But you’ve accepted the grave task of deciding whether Trumpy or Joe Don Baker makes a more entertaining monster, and with great power comes great responsibility. Voting stays open until 11pm ET tomorrow (Wednesday), and then on Thursday we’ll be back with the final battle.

Until then, intrepid MSTies!

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