Turkey Day Tournament Day 19: Pod People vs. The Sinister Urge


Helloooooooo devoted Turkey Day companions! Yesterday we saw Hobgoblins tackle The Day the Earth Froze, and Hobgoblins has scrappily taken a narrow lead. Voting is open until 11am tomorrow though, so it’s still anyone’s game.

Click me and I will get bigger and more legible!

Today, as promised, I’m sharing the entire bracket as it currently stands. I encourage you to click on it to make it easier to read. Voting on the last two matches of round 2 have ended with Final Justice winning over Night of the Blood Beast, and Horrors of Spider Island barely squeaking out a win over Future War (the final tally was 765 to 759! Talk about a nailbiter).

Also, the voting for the first quarterfinal match has concluded, and I Accuse My Parents beat out Eegah to advance to the semifinal!

Together we are inching ever closer to your top ranked experiment, and I have my suspicions about what it will be (do you?). Today’s battle unfolds between Pod People and The Sinister Urge; will Officer Kline stand up against Trumpy’s extremely dull magical powers? You decide!

2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 19: Pod People vs. The Sinister Urge”

  1. How could you put Final Justice and Pod people in a head to head? Both are perfect and need to be on T. Day.

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