Turkey Day Tournament Day 18: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Hobgoblins


Hello and welcome to day 18 of your Turkey Day Tournament! Yesterday kicked off the quarterfinals with Eegah versus I Accuse My Parents, and tragic Jimmy Wilson has the edge over creepy Arch Hall, Sr. as of now.

Before we leap into today’s pair-up, I have a couple of quick housekeeping notes: first, because we are actually looking for six episodes to run on Turkey Day, we will be pulling two episodes from the quarterfinals (that’s the round we’re in now!) to include in the marathon. These two episodes will be decided based on number of votes and comments, so even if your favorite episodes don’t advance in this round, if they’re popular enough, they may still squeak through.

Secondly, the final votes for round 2 will be closing out tonight, so tomorrow I’ll share the actual bracket as it currently stands for all the visualization nerds to enjoy!

Which brings us to our latest and most perplexing battle yet. Today’s match-up pits the Russo-Finnish epic The Day the Earth Froze against the Southern California epic Hobgoblins. Votes away!

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