Turkey Day Tournament Day 16: Night of the Blood Beast vs. Final Justice


Greetings, Turkey Day devotees! I hope you all had lovely weekends. Did you get to watch the Puppet Camp livestream on Friday, featuring the two new shorts? That was a wild time. Don’t fret if you missed it, you can watch the whole show right here on MST3K.org until Saturday at midnight ET.

Let’s do a little catch-up here just in case you missed the Saturday and Sunday matches. On Saturday, we saw The Sinister Urge face off against Gunslinger. The Sinister Urge holds the lead as of today, and voting closes tomorrow. On Sunday, Horrors of Spider Island took on Future War, and the race is extremely close at this point, but you’ve got until Wednesday to make your choice known. (All polls, both open and closed, can be seen on our Polls Central page, if you’ve lost track of where things stand.)

On to today’s battle! You didn’t for a moment believe we’d spare you Joe Don Baker’s surly face during this experience, did you? We’ve saved the meatiest for the last competition of round 2: it’s Night of the Blood Beast vs Final Justice. Get on your dancing bikini and weigh in below.

8 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 16: Night of the Blood Beast vs. Final Justice”

  1. Lesley, I have a suggestion. Night of the Blood Beast has a version with Thanksgiving themed host segments. I don’t expect NotBB to beat Future War. So, if NotBB doesn’t win, maybe play those host segments in between the episodes. You know, like a little intermission between episodes. I think that would be REALLY kewl!

    1. You know, I’ve been meaning to ask if we have access to the Turkey Day version for streaming — it’s very possible that we do not. Usually, Joel and the team create new segments to go between episodes as well. But I do agree that those original Blood Beast segments are great.

      1. I’m sure Joel would like to make sure that he has the best versions of the episodes to show on Turkey Day however, the Thanksgiving host segment version of NotBB is on YouTube right now. As an MST3K YouTube video expert, my opinion is it’s a really decent copy of the episode. I added the link to the video below to make it easier for you but obviously it’s up to Joel what to put on the marathon and whether the copy on YT is good enough. And I realize he films his own segments for in between episodes but the NotBB host segments are only a few minutes to 6 minutes each so I don’t see why he couldn’t use both lol. Anyway, just an idea for you guys. Thanx for replying and either way, looking forward to the marathon, as always!

        YouTube Link for the NotBB episode with Thanksgiving host segments: youtube.com/watch?v=7_9KAxuOgKM

  2. I’m just let down that Hellcats or Sidehackers didn’t make it. What’s a MST tournament without Ross Hagen?? He’s like Joe Don Baker, only….. okay, he’s no Joe Don Baker, but he’s better than Joe Estevez, mostly. Oh, push the button, Frank!

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