Turkey Day Tournament Day 13: Pod People vs The Girl in Lovers Lane


Happy Friday, Turkey Day electorate! I must say, yesterday’s vote was a bit of a surprise for me. Classic favorite The Day the Earth Froze faced off against Quest of the Delta Knights and I genuinely expected the latter to be crushed by the power of SAMPO. However, these two valiant competitors held to a 50/50 split for a good part of the day! The Day the Earth Froze has since pulled into the lead, but voting remains open for a couple days yet, so we will see if the race remains close.

Before I get to today’s vote, I want to remind you all that the closing event to our MIGIZI fundraiser is TONIGHT, and it’s totally free, so do show up for it as it’s going to be great. Check out that poster! (You can click on it to make it bigger!)

All right, on to the battle for today. Round 1 winner and super-popular Pod People confronts the wildly underrated The Girl in Lovers Lane. Cast your vote below, and we hope to see you tonight! Wear your yellow dress, you know, the one with the ruffles on it.

6 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 13: Pod People vs The Girl in Lovers Lane”

  1. Lesley, why oh why must you turn all of these into a “Sophie’s Choice” moment? šŸ˜‰

    I’m hoping for a “I Accuse My Parents” “Lover’s Lane” double feature.

    Right now the world needs some “Big Stupid”!

  2. I love Pod People as much as the next person, but we’re never going to have a more perfect year for a Big Stupid Turkey Day.

  3. There was a time when I would have voted for Pod People. But I gotta tell ya, I’m just a little worn out with Magic Trumpy and his antics. It’s time for a change.

  4. Pod People got no reason to smile. Gotta vote for the first episode I ever watched. It’s what made me fall in love with MST3K. Besides, “It stinks!”

  5. Can we give pod people a break this turkey day?seems like it has played for at least…..Every turkey day since 1994!

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