Turkey Day Tournament Day 12: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Quest of the Delta Knights


Howdy, Turkey Day voters, and welcome to day 12 of our tournament! Yesterday saw round 1 winner The Touch of Satan go up against Hobgoblins and some of you were not happy about having to make that choice. Hobgoblins has the lead right now, but voting will be open for a couple more days! And as always, Polls Central stands ready to get you caught up on voting, if you’ve fallen behind.

Today’s match-up features two episodes starring somewhat hapless heroes on legendary journeys. I’m going to tell y’all something that will probably make you lose all respect for me, but: I unabashedly love Quest of the Delta Knights. I would probably happily watch it even unriffed. It’s just so perfectly terrible and great! And it wasn’t available to stream for a long time.

That said, The Day the Earth Froze is a tough competitor, so I am prepared for this to be a total rout. If it inspires even one of you to go watch Quest of the Delta Knights who hasn’t seen it before, I will consider this battle a success.

On to today’s vote! Make it count!

8 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 12: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Quest of the Delta Knights”

  1. I’ve never actually seen “Delta Knights”, so, I’m taking a chance here, but hey, never hurts to try something new- that’s how we find new favorites, right? :).

    “Delta Knights” for the win.

    1. You’ve! Never! Seen! QuestoftheDeltaKnights!

      Gosh sometimes I envy folks who haven’t seen a particularly great episode yet. 😁

  2. There have been 478 votes so far and its at 50% for each. Quite the battle. Both are great episodes, but this time I went with Quest of the Delta Knights. Just so much goofiness.

      1. I think the fact that it’s an episode that isn’t commercially available and a lot of people haven’t seen that may be tipping the scales. Or maybe it’s because everybody who was at that Delta Knights’ pancake breakfast is stuffing the ballot box!

    1. And what could be more thematically appropriate for Turkey Day than a mystic cornucopia of perpetual abundance? I bet the thing even has a gravy spout.

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