Turkey Day Tournament Day 11: The Touch of Satan vs. Hobgoblins


Welcome back to the continuing saga of the Turkey Day Tournament! Yesterday we saw round 1 winner Devil Fish face off against a very difficult competitor in fan favorite I Accuse My Parents, and young Jimmy Wilson has opened a commanding lead against electricians everywhere.

Voting closes in two days, so pop on over to yesterday’s post and make your opinion known if you haven’t already done so! (You can also catch up on all our Turkey Day battles thus far at Polls Central.)

On to today’s battle! The Touch of Satan may have easily overcome its round 1 challenger, but today’s fighter could prove a more difficult opponent. Satan faces off against Hobgoblins, and while we like to use fun conflict-laden gameday language around here, the truth is these two movies would almost certainly be bros, enjoying each other’s company for an evening’s entertainment at Club Scum.

Nevertheless, you have to choose! Cast your vote below.

3 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 11: The Touch of Satan vs. Hobgoblins”

  1. I love both experiments. I especially love how Pearl tells Bobo and Brain Guy to “Get. The. Movie. ” But there’s something about ‘Touch of Satan’ that speaks to me on an absurd level. From hoping that cider is made with peanuts to the glacially slow dialogue, and the late 70s middle-of-California TV movie vibe, I’m down with it. I say “Zaaaah!”

  2. The Touch of Satan was one of my first experiences with MST3K and it’s one of the gateway ones I introduce to other newbies. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing Servo sing “With just a Touch I’d Satan in your hearrrrrrrrrt!”

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