Turkey Day Tournament Day 10: Devil Fish vs. I Accuse My Parents


Greetings, Turkey Day electorate! Welcome back to round 2 of our tournament. It’ll be interesting to see what direction these match-ups take as we get deeper into the bracket. Three Joel episodes made it through round 1, compared to five for Mike, and though there are a few more yet-to-be-revealed contenders, who knows what the end result will be? This could be the first Turkey Day with non-equal Joel and Mike episodes in a long time.

If you’d like to take a look at the end results for any of the battles so far, or catch up on votes you may have missed, you can see all the polls we’ve done here on Polls Central!

On to today’s match-up: I am really at a loss for how to connect these two movies. Maybe it can’t be done. One features a bunch of Europeans pretending to be Americans, and one follows the sad story of a lonely young man’s compulsive lying. Oh wait, both movies feature characters whose primary distinguishing feature is their capacity for drunkenness! I knew I’d find a connection somewhere. I present your latest Turkey Day fight: Devil Fish vs I Accuse My Parents (with short The Truck Farmer).

11 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 10: Devil Fish vs. I Accuse My Parents”

  1. I could right a long essay about how great I accuse my parents is, but it would pale in comparison to Jimmy’s award winning essay.

  2. No brainer… “I Accuse My Parents”.

    The host sketch where they look inside Jimmy’s psyche and the “Are you happy in your work” bit are CLASSIC.

    I have always loved this and “The Girl in Lover’s Lane”.

    They’re great, “small” movies that have heart.

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