Helloooooo magnificent tournamenteers, I hope you all had wonderful weekends! After a short break for the last couple days to allow round 1 voting to wrap up, we’re back with the winners. Each of these highest-voted episodes will go on to round 2 this week.

Day 1: Eegah! vs. Boggy Creek IIEEGAH WINS!

Day 2: Swamp Diamonds vs. Devil FishDEVIL FISH WINS!

Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of SatanTHE TOUCH OF SATAN WINS!

Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. LaserblastTHE DAY THE EARTH FROZE WINS!

Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus HorrorPOD PEOPLE WINS!

Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister UrgeTHE SINISTER URGE WINS!

Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider IslandHORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND WINS!

Day 8: Secret Agent Super Dragon vs. Night of the Blood BeastNIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST WINS!

How did you do? Round 2 begins today, and voting on each match-up will be open for three days, so get your opinions known while you can!

In today’s battle, round 1 winner Eegah faces off against another grunting, sweaty hero of dubious intelligence, the legendary fifth season effort Hercules. Have at it, MSTies!

11 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING THE TURKEY DAY TOURNAMENT ROUND 1 WINNERS! Round 2 Begins Today: Eegah vs. Hercules”

  1. I like Hercules, but in this battle, I’m backing Eegah (sorry about my face).

    Now, if Hercules Against the Moon Men shows up, that one will be my pick. One of the times I remember nearly blacking out from laughing at an MST3K.

  2. The Movie Eegah was made for Turkey Day!
    Whether it’s Arch Hall Sr. Or Arch Hall Jr. – no matter old or young – they were just made to riff on! Famous quotes prove my theory!
    “Sorry about my face!”
    I’m sorry-but Joel did not allow his face to be smushed for no reason!
    So do it for Joel-vote for Eegah!

  3. I think the real question is- who would win in a one in one Hercules vs. Eegah fight with Thunderdome rules?

    (You’re all welcome for the setup).

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