Turkey Day Tournament Day 8: Secret Agent Super Dragon vs. Night of the Blood Beast


Hello, devoted tournament voters, and welcome back to your Turkey Day 2020 Tournament. Today’s match-up is the last of round 1 — it happened so fast! Voting will close out for all of the round 1 competitors on Sunday morning, so it’s not too late to catch up. Here’s a handy list of the battles so far.

Day 1: Eegah! vs. Boggy Creek II

Day 2: Swamp Diamonds vs. Devil Fish

Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of Satan

Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Laserblast

Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus Horror

Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister Urge

Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider Island

On Monday, I’ll announce the first round winners and pair them against round 2’s remaining new contenders. After that it’s on to the quarterfinals! Are you excited? I’m excited.

Many of you, on social media and in comments right here on MST3K.org, have opined that you’ve yet to vote for a winner, and with one or two possible exceptions (optimism!) I’m right there with you. It’s been interesting to see how some of y’all can’t fathom Turkey Day without certain favorite episodes on the docket every year, while others would love to see the lesser-known experiments get their due. This year it all comes down to your votes, however, so the result is in your collective hands.

Anyway! Today’s contenders feature leading men who aren’t what they seem. We’ve put the season five spy “thriller” (it’s not that thrilling, but it IS very funny) Secret Agent Super Dragon against season seven’s festival of Steves Night of the Blood Beast (with AMAZING short, Once Upon a Honeymoon). Have at it, MSTies, and I’ll see you on Monday with the round 1 results!

7 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 8: Secret Agent Super Dragon vs. Night of the Blood Beast”

  1. Already decided, but the Corman Bros. get my vote. Plus Musical director Alexander Lazlo used the theramin-like theme, in no less than THREE Cotman flicks! Bravo..

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