Turkey Day Tournament Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider Island


We are a week into our 2020 Turkey Day Tournament and the fur is really flying! Yesterday we saw The Rebel Set go up against The Sinister Urge, and while voting is open for a couple of days yet, it’s hard to beat Ed Wood, and The Sinister Urge holds the lead. Voting on all of the first-round contenders will close this weekend, so if you’re not caught up, now’s the time!

Today’s battle features two movies in which location is a character all on its own. Horrors of Spider Island is a much beloved adventure into a tropical utopia with a minor infestation problem, but I also have a soft spot for The Painted Hills, MST3K’s only Lassie film, and which includes the short Body Care and Grooming. I never said these choices would be easy!

Tomorrow I will reveal the final pair-up of round 1. Round 2 will match the round 1 winners against the eight yet-to-be-revealed possible contenders, so the field is still wide open! See you then.

4 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 7: The Painted Hills vs. Horrors of Spider Island”

  1. Day 7.
    I’m doing my best here, but I have to say: I will be just as happy losing the vote on every one of these. Great picks. It’s going to be fun!

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