Turkey Day Tournament Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister Urge


Hello again, Turkey Day superfans, and welcome to day six of the Turkey Day Tournament! We are only a couple days out from the end of round 1, at which point I’ll be announcing the winners and pairing them up for the next series of battles.

Yesterday we pitted Pod People up against Parts: The Clonus Horror, and a lot of you opined on the difficulty of this choice β€” I’m right there with you, as it was a difficult one for me as well. Perhaps unsurprisingly though, longtime fan favorite Pod People maintains the lead at this time.

Today’s competition is a pairing of two experiments that get a little less attention than some: the fourth-season bank heist tale The Rebel Set (with short Johnny at the Fair), against the sixth-season Ed Wood-helmed celebration of criminal deviants, The Sinister Urge (with short Keeping Clean and Neat). The shorts alone on these two options are *chef’s kiss*, but only one experiment can advance. Your votes decide!

4 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 6: The Rebel Set vs. The Sinister Urge”

  1. Had the come back, how I longed for Jonah and the bots to try and tackle , “night of the ghouls” in my dream vision for a season 13.

    Ed Wood is the nightmare fuel for the MST 3K engine. πŸ™‚

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