Turkey Day Tournament Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus Horror


Saluations and welcome to day five of the Turkey Day 2020 Tournament! Yesterday we paired off the iconic Joel episode The Day the Earth Froze with the Comedy-Central-era-closer Laserblast. The Day the Earth Froze has a narrow lead as of this writing, but this could easily change in the final days of voting.

Today’s battle is between the beloved season three experiment Pod People and the lesser known but brilliantly funny season eight offering Parts: The Clonus Horror, which is notable in part for its makers having reached a settlement for copyright infringement with DreamWorks when the latter borrowed its plot for the 2005 dud The Island. (If it’s good enough for DreamWorks to β€” allegedly β€” steal from, it’s good enough for the folks on the SOL!)

Regardless, both experiments feature unsympathetic characters facing otherworldly horrors while making it difficult to root for any of them to survive. One has Peter Graves, the other has Trumpy. Both feature a lot of commentary about noses. The choice is yours.

Chief? McCloud!

18 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 5: Pod People vs Parts: The Clonus Horror”

  1. A horror to sit through straight, which I did on CBS Late Night Movie I believe. So bad I can’t sit through the rippoff The Island, no matter how much Scarlett is in it. But the MST3K edit? Glorious!

    1. The Turkey Day marathon will be available via livestream online — I’ll update with specific info when we’ve confirmed the details.

  2. Simple choice for me-I simply have been avoiding seeing Pod People for many years.
    It’s about time. Maybe the tryptophan in the turkey will help? Or a glass of wine?

  3. So unfair to pit Clonus against Pod People! You destroyed any chance of Clonus winning by pitting it against one of the most popular episodes of all time. Why not Clonus vs Day the Earth Froze or something like that? I’m very disappointed in this. Clonus is the greatest episode in all of MST’s run & very underappreciated. 😞

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