Turkey Day Tournament Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Laserblast


Hey pals, it’s a new week, and thus we face a bunch more Turkey Day match-ups whose fate rests in YOUR HANDS. Look at your hands! Feel the weight of this responsibility!

Over the weekend, Tormented went up against The Touch of Satan, and at this time Satan maintains a comfortable lead — but since voting stays open until Friday night, there’s still time for that to change!

In today’s battle, the planet Earth placidly suffers the quibbling petty concerns of humans in over their heads. One has a sampo, the other has an arm-mounted laser, but both are equally terrible movies. It’s The Day the Earth Froze versus Laserblast!

18 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 4: The Day the Earth Froze vs. Laserblast”

      1. “The Day The Earth Froze” was an episode I missed during its initial run; didn’t watch it until sometime in the last 5 years, on the advice of my son (all my (now college-aged) kids are indoctrinated into MST3K watching; they all love it and watch with me whenever we can).

        During the watch, I laughed so hard so many times I nearly blacked out. “Safe!” “Help me, Rocky, I’m on fire!” “Mam, you did *not* select the Sampo option when you placed the order”. Too many to mention.

        I tweeted about the experience; Joel commented how that episode was a really fun one to make.

        So that’s why I picked “The Day the Earth Froze”.

        But “LaserBlast”. So many memories. I saw the movie at the theater when it was originally released. Made a toy version of the gun for one of my Micronauts. Loved it as a kid.

        And the MST3K episode; holy cow. Same story as with “Day the Earth Froze”, except this time my kids and I watched it for the first time together when it showed up on the iTunes Movie Store (FWIW, I always have to buy whatever they release there ($4.99 to $7.99, typically), because they’re captioned, and I need CC to watch).

        “I feel like I’m watching an aquarium”. “Is that your lunchbox?” “Are you ready for some football?” “So, let’s recap the movie so far: somebody went to Acapulco, and somebody almost bought gas.”

        And, c’mon, Eddie Deezen. I almost vote for LaserBlast based on JUST THAT FACT.

        I really think this one needs to be a draw. This is a “Best of Joel era”/”Best of Mike era” kind of Sophie’s Choice. (Did I do that right? I’ve never seen Sophie’s Choice.)

  1. Lesley, another tough one, but at the end of the day….
    I’d be curious what this match up would have produced if it was “The Day the Earth Froze” vs “The Sword and the Dragon”

    1. Oh, now that’s a three way fight!

      Of course I may have to go with “Sinbad” for sentimental reasons because a million years ago that was the answer to Comedy Central’s “Pick the Wisecrack” contest…


      I did not win $5000, a big screen TV, or a personal appearance on Turkey Day….

      But after submitting enough entries to impress even Lazlo Hollyfeld, I DID get a nifty Comedy Central t-shirt which I loved for many years.

        1. I was blessed with truly supportive parents who shook their heads and nodded as their youngest son spent hours handwriting ballet entries for that one. I have no clue how many stamps were used on that. 🙂

  2. Laserblast is one of my top ten favorites but I know every word. I’ve never seen the other one all the way through so it would be fun to change it up!

  3. No contest. The Day the Earth Froze. The first time I ever knew about this movie, my boyfriend told me about it: he’d seen it on some local late-night movie back in the mid-70s, and described it in detail, but I never saw it. Not until a good 20-odd years later did I come across it on MST3K — and I think that was the first MST3K I ever saw — it was an out-of-body experience. I kept saying, “Oh, my God! This is THAT movie!”

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