Turkey Day Tournament Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of Satan


Welcome to day three of the Turkey Day Tournament, where YOU get to choose your Turkey Day episodes — with help (or hindrance) from a few thousand other MSTies. So far we’ve done Eegah versus Boggy Creek, and Swamp Diamonds versus Devil Fish. If you need to catch up, worry not, voting will remain open until the first round of the tournament is finished.

Today’s pairing is, on its surface, a battle of really cool fonts, and also an alliterative nightmare (see headline above). But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that both of these films feature doomed love affairs. Never let anyone in! They will only show you where the fish lives or throw you off a lighthouse.

Presenting today’s episode battle: Tormented versus The Touch of Satan.

11 thoughts on “Turkey Day Tournament Day 3: Tormented vs. The Touch of Satan”

  1. Another tough call, but I have to go with “Tormented”.
    Probably the best of Bert I Gordon… which isn’t saying much.

    Also, the bartender from “The Shining” is in this… how can you say no?!

  2. A bit of trivia:

    The entire film Tormented can be found “hidden” on the Something Weird DVD “Monsters Crash the Pajama Party”. The main movie is so short, they packed the DVD with all kinda trailers, z-grade movie clips, and Halloween home movies, and an entire feature film.

  3. Could someone help my Pops and me and tell me where Turkey Day 2020 is being broadcast?? Thank you!! 😊✌️

    1. We are still finalizing details but I will share them as soon as everything is confirmed! Thanks for your patience.

  4. Allison, I don’t think they’ve announced it, but since the October 30th event will be on mst3k.org, the MST3k Facebook page, and the MST3k YouTube feed, I think it’s likely those will also be options for Turkey Day. In the past, Turkey Day has also been on the Pluto.tv MST3k channel, so maybe there too. But keep an eye out for an official announcement in details in case they do it differently.

    1. Ben – Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciate it and I’ll keep my eye out for the official announcement. Thanks again!! 😊

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