BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Turkey Day Returns for 2020, and This Year YOU Pick the Episodes!


Hello friends! Today we have an announcement that we think you’ll find very exciting: Turkey Day will be returning on Thanksgiving 2020, and for this year’s marathon, we are letting YOU vote on the episodes we include. 


We’ve narrowed down our available streaming episodes to 24 possibilities with both Mike and Joel across the original series’ run. We’ll be using a tool called SquareOffs to match up two episodes for riffing combat every day — the first pair is below — and the whole thing will be operating on a single-elimination bracket system, with the six most popular episodes making the final Turkey Day cut. 

For Round 1, we are pairing off a series of Joel vs Mike episodes, so y’all can battle for your faves to your heart’s content. After that, though, your winners will decide the next round, and so on. Will we get an even number of Joel episodes and Mike episodes, as we have traditionally done in Turkey Days past? Who can say. We’re throwing that responsibility on YOUR shoulders this year! 

Voting starts today, so be sure to hit up regularly for the next few weeks to pick your favorite episode each day (don’t worry, we’ll be reminding you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too). The first SquareOff is below, and definitely feel free to use the comments to fight (lovingly, kindly, in the fashion of our people) for your champion. 

And now, presenting the first Turkey Day showdown! Thanks for pitching in, MSTies! We look forward to showcasing your winners on Turkey Day.

52 thoughts on “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Turkey Day Returns for 2020, and This Year YOU Pick the Episodes!”

  1. This is awesome! I love this idea and have a proper turkey day to look forward to is the best news I’ve had all week. 🙂

      1. Is “The World’s Most Interesting Werewolf” the actual title, or are you talking about another MST3K werewolf (or is is “wahrwilf”?) that’s absolutely…fascinating?

  2. Eegah gave us “watch out for snakes’ and the smooth song stylings of Arch Hall, Jr. What more do you need?

  3. “Will we get an even number of Joel episodes and Mike episodes, as we have traditionally done in Turkey Days past? Who can say.”

    Poor Jonah and Emily 🙁

    Any chance we could get a replay of the COVID-19 live show? Every pitch in $5 on enough Cameos that we effectively get Jonah riffing “Haunted Honeymoon?”

    1. We love Jonah and Emily! Unfortunately we are limited to choosing from the episodes that we have the rights to stream for y’all.

  4. Will we ever see The Thing That Wouldn’t Die or Girlstown? These two in particular had me crying! “It was an EVIL WIND!” and “Tray-sure” just kill me. And Girlstown…lord the “…and he died…and he got all dead…” GOLD!

    1. I love Girlstown. I also vote for Skydivers, Viking Women and the Sea Serpent, I Accuse My Parents and The Crawling Hand. So many. Thank you for doing a Turkey Bowl this year. We need it more than ever.

  5. I’m goin” all the way with Eegah!
    Who can forget Arch Hall Sr.-who discovered the “special” acting abilities of “Roxie” – and his venerable son, Arch Hall Jr. (“sorry about my face” “Roxieeee”) and brought us the innovation of ovens in the living room?
    I thought Richard Kiel was robbed-he deserved an Oscar nomination!
    And let’s not forget Joel-who gave up his face so the bots could try to make it into Arch Hall Jr. ?
    Vote Eegah for 2020!

  6. Any word on if we’ll be treated to some new bumpers in between the episodes?

    Obviously with the state of the world, it’s probably very difficult to shoot new material on a soundstage, but even just some home shot introduction segments would be exciting!

  7. I voted for Boggy Creek, because it’s been longer since I watched that than ‘Eegah!’ But either would be a fine choice.
    Having it as a 2-handed deathmatch should avoid a similar situation to a few years ago, when an open vote turned up all the usual all-too-familiar suspects.

  8. The shorts! “No Springs!”, The Circus One, Day at the Fair, The one where the guy is trying to catch a bear…

  9. Not for nothing, but we almost legally changed my now-27-year-old son’s name from “Joseph” to “Eegah”.

  10. Definitely Eegah, I’ll never forget watching it for the first time and busting out laughing every other riff. Still in my top five episodes.

  11. What would Thanksgiving be without the crazed love of a prehistoric giant for a ravishing teen-age girl? It would be nothing and so I cast my vote for the inspired riffing of Eegah.

  12. Eegah holds a special place in my heart; it was the first MST episode I ever saw! Ever since, MST, CT, Rifftrax & Film Crew have all been there for me, making me laugh at life’s stupidity!

  13. What? No ‘Space Mutiny’? The movie is at the right level of awfulness to be great, without being so terrible that not even the boys can salvage it.

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