MST3K & MIGIZI Update: Writing on the Two New Shorts Has Begun!


Greetings, MSTie pals! Lesley here, hoping you are all well, and enjoying September’s annual pitched battle between summer and fall, the only month of the year when you can drink a pumpkin spice latte while wearing a bikini on a beach.

Our month-long MIGIZI fundraiser has passed its end date, and we currently stand at a staggering $42,250 raised to help MIGIZI rebuild. Your generosity is, as always, astounding! However, we are not calling the fundraiser over just yet, and we will be continuing to raise money for MIGIZI over the next several weeks.

But let’s move on to what you REALLY want to hear: more details on the creation of the two BRAND NEW shorts we promised! To refresh your memory, the new shorts will be “A Busy Day at the County Fair” and “Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket,” and they will feature Joel Hodgson, Bill Corbett and J. Elvis Weinstein reprising their original roles as Joel Robinson, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

The work has begun and writing on the new shorts is currently in progress, with some of the best minds from the last two seasons and three live tours of MST3K happily donating their time to brew up some riffs for y’all to enjoy. 

To thank you for your contributions and enthusiasm, here on we will be sharing a bit of the behind-the-scenes process of how these shorts are being made, so watch out for that over the coming weeks. We are aiming to premiere the new shorts sometime in October, ideally in a format that allows us to watch them livestreamed, together, in real time, as a big friendly group, if you’re into that kind of thing. 

Thanks for your support! We’re just getting started.

13 thoughts on “MST3K & MIGIZI Update: Writing on the Two New Shorts Has Begun!”

  1. One question from a MST3K fanclub member and kickstart backer, will these shorts be downloadable for those of us who donated to the MIGIZI fundraiser before it ended?
    Thank you for your time

    1. This is unknown at this stage! We will keep you updated on how we plan to distribute the shorts once we have knocked all those details out.

      1. Thanks! Us physical-media obsessed fans (old-timers?) would love the chance to at least burn-our-own, if not have discs directly available.

      2. What about the original 2 shorts those of us who donated when the fundraiser first started? Are there 2sets of shorts or just the 2 We were originally promised?
        Your reply to the question from 9/10 above makes it sound like we won’t be able to see anything, if we have already donated-yet we were already promised them. Please clarify. Thanks!

        1. Happy to! The fundraiser goal promised two new shorts, “Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket” and “A Busy Day at the County Fair.” These two new shorts are the ones currently being produced. Everyone who has donated will be able to see them. There are no other shorts in the pipeline at this time.

    1. Exciting times to be sure! Thanks for the heads up Lesley.

      I definitely agree having a downloadable or physical media option if possible would be great.

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