MST3K & MIGIZI Update: WE DID IT! We Passed $40,000! But We’re Not Quitting Now


Friends! You have truly surpassed yourselves. 

When we launched the MST3K & MIGIZI fundraiser back in July, we set a goal of $20,000, adding the carrot of two! brand-new! shorts! to be riffed by MST3K alumni Joel Hodgson, J. Elvis Weinstein, and Bill Corbett.(!!!) You, in your endless generosity, and also your ravenous hunger for MORE RIFFS, met that number almost immediately, so we extended our goal to $40,000. 

Last night you powered through that goal too. And with a week still left on the fundraising clock! 

We have a whole seven days to continue raising funds and we’re going to keep powering forward and see how much better we can do! Please keep sharing the MST3K & MIGIZI donation page and spreading the good word.

Thanks again for all your support on this fundraiser, and for being one of the very best fan communities out there.

One thought on “MST3K & MIGIZI Update: WE DID IT! We Passed $40,000! But We’re Not Quitting Now”

  1. $42,000 as of this morning 8/26/2020…

    The passion and follow through this fan base shows knows no bounds!

    Great job everyone. 🙂

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