MST3K & MIGIZI Update: Ten Days Left, and Less Than $2,000 to Go!


Hello again, team! Lesley here with another fundraiser update. We are ten days out from the end of the MST3K & MIGIZI fundraiser and we are SO CLOSE to DOUBLING our original goal of $20,000! Over 1,100 of you have donated so far and we appreciate every single one of you.

Joel will be reaching out to those of you who have contributed with a personal note of thanks in the coming days, so look forward to that!

Also, there have been some questions about folks who donated anonymously, and how they will gain access to the two new shorts to be riffed by Joel, Josh, and Bill and… we’re figuring that out and will have an answer for you soon.

I’ll also remind y’all that these newly to-be-riffed shorts — “A Busy Day at the County Fair” and “Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket” — do not exist yet! We have to make them! But we expect them to be ready for you in the fall and we will keep you updated here every step of the way.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has contributed and also shared the MST3K & MIGIZI fundraiser! With your help we will crush our $40,000 goal for sure, and help a fantastic organization to rebuild.

5 thoughts on “MST3K & MIGIZI Update: Ten Days Left, and Less Than $2,000 to Go!”

  1. All right, second donation made. 🙂 This effort and online riffing with The Mads has been great not just because it’s so welcome during this waking nightmare of a year, but because the artists we love are also turning it into an opportunity to give to organizations that help make the republic (may it survive!) a better place.

  2. Thank you for the update! Msties, great work!

    We’re over 39,000 right now, so I’m sure we can make 40,000 a reality!

  3. We did!!! $40,000 and with a week left to go!

    Great job everyone. 🙂

    Let see how much further we can go!

  4. Somehow I missed the existence of this fundraiser until today! I just contributed… am I too late to be put on the list to see the shorts?

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