MST3K & MIGIZI Fundraiser Update: First Film Unlocked!


Hey friends! Lesley here again. 

Yesterday, we told you about the MST3K & MIGIZI fundraiser, in which we are asking you to donate funds to help MIGIZI—a Native American community center in Minneapolis—rebuild after being damaged in the recent fires there. 

Hilariously, the fundraiser was only going to be officially announced during the San Diego Comic-Con@Home MST3K panel (featuring Joel Hodgson, Bill Corbett, and J. Elvis Weinstein) going live this evening at 6pm Pacific (that’s 9pm Eastern, for those of you who avoid math). BUT YOU COULDN’T WAIT THAT LONG, COULD YOU?

As usual, we asked MSTies to step up, and y’all delivered. We are delighted to announce that our fundraiser has already met the first goal A FULL NINE HOURS BEFORE THE PANEL ANNOUNCING IT IS EVEN ON THE INTERNET. You folks are amazing, and you absolutely deserve the good news that the first short promised in the fundraiser has already been unlocked. I’ll even tell you what it’s called: “A Busy Day at the County Fair”!

This is no reason to get complacent, however, because there is better news ahead. If we can hit $20,000 for MIGIZI, Joel Hodgson, Bill Corbett, and J. Elvis Weinstein will tackle a SECOND short film in their former roles as Joel Robinson, Crow T. Robot, and, of course, Tom Servo.

So donate, donate, donate! Spread the word! And watch the Comic-Con@Home panel tonight (the direct link is here, but remember it won’t work until after 9pm ET/6pm PT) to get the full exciting scoop.

Thank you all for proving yet again that MST3K fans are some of the most solid folks around.

9 thoughts on “MST3K & MIGIZI Fundraiser Update: First Film Unlocked!”

  1. Hey Lesley, Joel and the Bots,

    The Native American community is near and dear to my heart! Wonderful that you’re challenging us Misties (hometown of Fort Atkinson, Wi Joel friend of Caryn Borchardt), to step up.

    Living in Lac du Flambeau, Wi full-time with my community. Thank you again for the commitment. I do what we can here as well. (Community does a lot for us too!)

    Best Regards,
    Jean Dorsey

  2. Do we have an official name for these shorts? I’m trying to figure out what to call them besides “MST3K shorts being riffed as part of a fundraiser for MIGIZI”.

  3. Hi, I donated early. Is this why I can’t find a way to view the short? The email I received was only a receipt. I’ve been asking around, but I haven’t received a response.

    1. The shorts will be created when the fundraiser is over, assuming the goals are met (which looks like a sure thing at this point). Hang tight and you will get more info as release timing is finalized!

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