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As announced at the MST3K San Diego comic-con “Panel-in-Place” with Joel Hodgson, J. Elvis Weinstein, and Bill Corbet, MST3K is planning a fundraiser for MIGIZI.

MIGIZI is a Native American nonprofit organization whose main facility was heavily damaged during the fires that coincided with the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis. The MST3K fundraising committee’s goal is to help MIGIZI secure funds to begin rebuilding. 

If the first fundraising goal of $10,000 is met, Joel, J Elvis, and Bill will reprise their original roles in the show as Joel Robinson, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot  and riff a short film, with a doorway sequence, silhouettes and all!

If you donate, you’ll receive a password to be a part of the VIP premier of the short with riffs from Joel and Tom and Crow. Later, the short film will have a world-wide premiere here at – in an effort to raise awareness for MIGIZI and, of course, accept more donations. We will update you periodically on our progress here on the blog, so check back to see how things go.

We hope you’ll be able to help us out in getting this needed and valued Minneapolis organization back on its feet, and getting yourselves a little new MST3K at the same time!

Visit the MIGIZI fundraiser >>

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