Greetings and salutations


Greetings and salutations, to confirmed MSTies and the newly riff-curious alike! Welcome to, a new official web outing aimed at enabling us to connect with fans like you, and helping you all connect with each other! This is our soft launch, and there is so much more to come.

I’m Lesley Kinzel, and I’ve been a part of the MST3K revival going back to the original Kickstarter campaign. I’ve worked as a writer and associate producer on the show, and contributed to both the Netflix and live tour iterations. I also have over a decade of experience in web publishing and online community management, but for y’all, probably more important than my resume is the fact that I, too, am a MSTie from way back — like way back, discovering MST3K around 1990 when I was thirteen and extremely impressionable. 

But before I say more, I’d like to throw it over to a guy you might recognize. That’s right, it’s the man who invented a little thing called Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of your top four favorite hosts ever — Joel Hodgson!

Thanks Lesley, so glad you’re going to be running the ship here at Amazingly after 30 years, MST3K is a comedic artform that’s still going strong and has a really wonderful and unique fanbase too. I’m so looking forward to finding out what people want to see and how they want to participate with us in the not too distant future.  

 Thanks, Joel! 

So, a few more things to note: This site will be a work in progress, and while we have some truly grand ideas for what we will be sharing here, we will also be seeking your feedback as we go, so don’t be shy about letting us know what you’d like to see. We’re lining up some very cool, very vintage materials to showcase, some of which have been stockpiled by hardcore fans for a long time. We’ve also got some equally exciting surprises in store as we build things out over the next few weeks and months.

So welcome! And thanks for being here at the beginning as we, in true MST3K fashion, construct this space from the ground up, and riff on and invent what will someday become. 

Let the hat party begin!

4 thoughts on “Greetings and salutations”

  1. Hi Lesley!

    I myself am absolutely thrilled with this website and what I am reading in regards to the, “we will also be seeking your feedback as we go, so don’t be shy about letting us know what you’d like to see” attitude.

    Even the look of this site, a little more stripped down, a little more “homemade” has on the right hat for this party. 😉

    I’ve already donated to the unbelievably great fundraising cause – what a great day when a fan can accomplish supporting a wonderful civic cause and also their love of MST 3K.

    I sincerely hope this site eventually has either a forum or a “suggestion box” so that it will be easier to receive the things the fan base is searching for in regards to the future of the show.

    We are undoubtedly, an opinionated bunch, but it is my strongest belief that season 11 + 12 were decent chapters in the story of Mystery Science Theater 3000; they still needed work, but even the original series took a few years to find its groove. If those in charge can listen with open minds, and more equally open hearts, then I firmly believe that future installments can build upon the strengths of “The Return” and “The Gauntlet”.

    I for one cannot wait and end comment with a quote that seems appropriate for these turbulent times:

    “He learned almost too late that man is a feeling creature… and, because of it, the greatest in the universe. He learned too late for himself that men have to find their own way, to make their own mistakes. There can’t be any gift of perfection from outside ourselves. And when men seek such perfection… they find only death… fire… loss… disillusionment… the end of everything that’s gone forward. Men have always sought an end to the toil and misery, but it can’t be given, it has to be achieved. There is hope, but it has to come from inside — from man himself.” — Peter Graves

    1. Thanks Josh! Yeah, with regards to site’s look and feel, you’re totally surfing on my wave!

      We will absolutely be building in more opportunities for folks to discuss and engage, with each other, and with me, and sometimes with other folks involved in the making of the show too. Believe it or not, we at MST3K have talked about doing this for a loooooong time now, so it’s exciting to finally be putting this idea into motion. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming and we will make this site the official fan home that the MST3K community has long deserved.

      Also, I can only speak for myself, but I love hearing folks’ (respectful and constructive!) opinions. I may regret saying this out loud someday. 😆

      1. Oh, Captain my Captain!

        Now that I know this is the conscious wavelength you’re looking to create, I have even more faith you are absolutely steering the ship in the right direction!

        I’m of the opinion that something like this is a good example:

        That’s a new spin on an old theme that taps into nostalgia in several ways while also being fresh. Some may like it, some may hate it, but you have to admit, it feels like love from the people that made it.

        That’s what it’s all about- the love of the show, its creators, and the family we make as fans.

        I hope you do not live to regret yourself opening the door to comments, haha!

        You 100% hit it on the head, it’s all about respectful and constructive feedback. Everyone has their own deeply personal feelings about what makes “the show”, feel like “the show”, and that’s ok.

        As long as people can communicate their thoughts to each other and people like yourself, while recognizing there will be others that have equally different and just as strongly held opinions, then there’s NO reason for this place can’t be the warm and loving home to MISTIES that it should be. 🙂

        Please keep up the good work!

        If you’re ever accepting help for content creation on the site, please let me know whom to contact. 🙂

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